Thursday, July 31, 2008

Circue de Cirque dilemma

Oooh I got another award given to me by Olenka and Charlene!! I am very surprised but happy and it means a lot to me. Does this mean I have to nominate 14 blogs??? Well if you are reading this then I nominate YOU because it is so hard to choose. All the blogs are great in different ways.

Okay onto my CDC dilemma. I am stitching this on 32 count mulberry linen using Thread Gatherer's Spring Frocks. I really like the colour and it has been my intention of stitching the actual circles in delica beads. So I finally finished the first page and began to do the delica beads. Small circles in pink and the medium circles in purple. I am really not sure what I think of this and whether it looks right or not. It is quite hard to do the beading on the linen so if it's not going to work, I'd rather cut my losses and frog them now!! What do you think. I can handle honest opinions although I know I'll probably get differing opinions on this. Should I do the actual circles in delica beads or should I do it all in the same thread??

July 08 beads

So onto goals seeing as it's the first of the month tomorrow. Here are this months goals and how I have done (fairly well I think):

1. Finish Steph's Pif - done and sent!
2. Finish and send off Summer House Exchange - done, sent and rec'd!
3. Make Biscornu for SBEBB Biscornu exchange - done the stitching just need to make up
4. Make scissor keeper for the MFC - done!
5. Join in the UFO nights on Tuesdays with Polar Santa - did one night!
6. Order some Prairie Schooler charts for the PS exchange - done!
7. Work on "A Most Noble Pursuit" - NOOOOOO but there is always tonight hehe
8. Work on "Patchwork" - no
9. Work on "Cirque de Cirque" - yes!!
10.Start and finish DD design Love for JA MFC - yes made my first floss tag!
11. Work on Loopy Lou "Ruby" design - yes!

As well as this I also made the three teachers' lavender bags and I also started my autumn colours biscornu.

So for August here are my goals:

1. Finish and send off biscornu exchange
2. Work on A Most Noble Pursuit
3. Complete at least one motif on Patchwork
4. Do at least one UFO night on Polar Santa
5. Start Prairie Schooler exchange
6. Do a freebie
7. Start the GoS wallet with the rajmahal art silks I bought

So that is all for this month. Happy stitching. xx


Ginnie said...

Urm I'm not sure about the beads too, they seem to outshine/detract from the other pretty stitching (does that make sense?)But see what others think too.

Petra said...

I hate to see you frog the beads so I don't want to say it's not nice, it IS! But I agree with Ginnie I think it detracts from the other parts of the design.

Barbara said...

Although your idea is unique somehow I feel that the beads just don't jive in this piece.

Rachael said...

I lurve the effect, but I know I wouldn't have the patience to stitch all those beads.If you decide to bead it'll look stunning!
Well done on your Goals!!

Nicki said...

I think it looks nice, but I also think it would look nicer if the outlines were in thread. maybe in solid colours similar to the colours you picked for the beads? Then the outlines would stand out but not detract from the rest :)

Lucy said...

That's some list you have there...but I would love to see the biscornu when finished...I'm on a biscornu kick right now!! (I love the beads, by the way!)

Anonymous said...

I agree with those who've said that the beads don't quite work. I like Nicki's idea of doing the circles in a complementary solid colour though, I think that might work really well.

Sally said...

I have to agree with the others I do think the beads take your eye from the rest of the piece. The beads are pretty though.

Karan said...

Whilst I love those beads I think they may end up focusing attention away from the stitching.
Good Luck with the goals. :0)

Itching To Stitch said...

I agree with what most others are saying. The actual stitching is so pretty, I think the beads take away from the piece ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I just love the colour of fabric and thread you chose for CdC! I do have to agree with the majority of your commenters though. I think the outline circles would look better in thread.

Barbara said...

Hi Hazel! You have a strong majority already regarding the beading. I do love the colors you've chosen for this project!

Angela said...

That is very pretty and I'm not a fan of pink. Have to say I agree with everyone else the beads take yoUr eye away from your beautiful stitching. Well done on all the goals you achieved

Redwitch said...

I guess you have enough opinions on the beads, I haven't used them other than as directed so not really qualified to give one :) V.pretty colours!

BTW loved your pinkeep for MamaJoan.

pipkate6663 said...

I'd have to agree with the majority here - the beads a just a little too much. Nicki's idea sounds like it would look lovely though. Your stitching is beautiful!

Cheryl said...

Firstly, i love the fabric you are using and your choice of thread! It looks great. I do agree with the other comments in that, although the beads are really pretty, they do take away from the stitching a bit

Wendy said...

I saw a CdC piece done completely in beads - what sheer madness! But it was so gorgeous and sparkly. So I have to go with the all or nothing group. You have gotten a lot accomplished in the past month!!

Andrea said...

Personally speaking, and you did say be honest, I don't like all of those beads, a little over-powering. I think for this project thread would be better.

Carla said...

I personally don't like how the beads look on your CdC :S the fabric and threads you're using but not the beads

Great job on your goals and congratulations on your award!

Anita said...

I love the beads, I think the beads make your piece stand out so much more.

Margaret said...

Hazel, Your stitching is wonderful and I don't really think the beads add anything - except perhaps huge frustration as they aren't the easyist are they?

Sharon said...

Your piece is beautiful-but I think I would not do the beads either-they just don't seem to fit.