Sunday, August 16, 2015

I've had a Little Adventure...

Without going into loads of detail and reasons why, I decided to take myself off for a wee break to Scotland. My heart is always drawn to Scotland. I am English born and bred but my parents and the rest of the clan are all Scottish and I have many fond memories of taking trips and short holidays up there when I was younger to stay with relatives. I especially loved it near the coast and one of my Aunts had a house that overlooked the sea and I would love to watch the big boats and fishing vessels coming in to shore. I loved the smell too. Salty, fresh, sea air. I also have fond memories of Red Cola and Macaroon bars and my Granny would make an extra effort to buy fresh rolls and jam from the local bakers whenever we stayed at her house. 

So, feeling very brave, I went off on my own. The first time in a long time that I have been on my own, without husband and children chattering and squawking and fighting and pestering. No responsibilities but to look after number one. Just for a few days. Only a few days. It would give me time to pray and seek God and time to think and time to just be me.

The journey took a little longer as there were delays on some of the motorways but eventually I arrived at my destination; a beautiful little cottage surrounded by forests and hills, situated just a mile from the beach. The place is situated along the Solway Firth and boasts some lovely beaches and spectacular views. 

The cottage was immaculately kept and boasted two double bedrooms and two bathrooms. I would definitely go back there again. The name of it is Bracken Cottage. 

I spent some of my time wandering down to local beaches. 

Sandy Hills


This was my favourite beach as it had so many rock pools and a lot of seaglass. I collected a lot of it and when my husband and kids did come for a one night visit they spent a good time collecting as much as they could find as well. 

One night I went and found this lovely shell art mermaid someone had made.


This was a sweet little fishing village with so many shells. Gosh I have never seen so many shells.


This was another small town along the coast. I took the coastal route and there were a few interesting features on the way. 

This straw man for one... He was huge. 

Then there was Dundrennan Abbey. I didn't stop. I wish I had now. 

And then into Kircudbright. You pronounce it Kir koo bree.

There were cows on the beach. 

Most of the time I stayed home and read and stitched. 

I started this book which was a GoodReads win from one of their giveaways. 

Each of the chapters is named after a plant or flower with it's meaning or what it symbolises. I came across this:


Stitching wise I managed to get a fair bit done. 

I finished this:

Season's Greetings

And nearly finished this:

Stitch Every Day
Hands On Designs

I made a few friends:

but generally kept myself to myself. 

I had a good time. 

Now I am back. 
Happy to be home again.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate every one of you. I will be back soon with a new crochet project just in time for Autumn. Stay tuned! 



Marlene jones said...

What a lovely way to recharge batteries, your photo's are lovely.

Wainwright and Wright.Co said...

I think we all need a little time away and as a mum I think we really need time to be just "us", not a wife, or a mum. It doesn't mean we don't like those roles,it is just that sometimes "me" gets lost among all the other roles we have to play. And what a great place to go - I adore Scotland too. Your photos of the beaches brings back memories I have of the beaches in Scotland, often deserted. Hope you are feeling refreshed.
Caz xx

Jeanne said...

Hazel, so happy for you having a special little retreat - it looks wonderful! I believe we all need time alone in our modern world is so busy we need time to process it all and find some inner peace. Your projects are so cute - just saw that one about stitching every day at my local shop on Friday. Glad you're still stitching and sharing with us out in BLogland!

Tina said...

Lovely cottage,great photo's and lovely stitching.glad ypu are back though ..missed our chats xx

Vickie said...

Wow. Good for you. I have NEVER had time away by myself. sigh. I am glad you are refreshed. I need to stitch Stitch Every Day. :D So great!

Julie said...

I hope the time away fuelled you with just what you needed to face all that life sends your way in the coming months. It does look a lovely place. Scotland has fond memories for me too, my grandparents lived on the banks of the River Clyde, such a magical place to think and relax and enjoy.
Blessings to you x

VeggieMummy said...

The cottage looks lovely. It looks like you made the most of your 'me time' - good for you. That beach is amazing too - so many shells! Beautiful stitching as always. xx

Maggie said...

I've always thought I could holiday on my own but as DH works away most of the time
I'm usually on my own anyway, lol
I hope you managed to charge your batteries and have come back refreshed.

The cottage and the area look amazing.


andamento said...

I love Rockford and Kirkudbright, lovely places to visit. I've not actually been to Kipford, may give it a go next time I'm down seeing my parents as they live not too far away. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip over the border, looks the the weather was kind too.

Annette-California said...

Lovely cottage and beautiful place you got to visit. Walks on the beach, reading and stitching...sigh...perfect! Happy for you and hope it was just what you needed.
I have to tell you I was on the internet for over an hour looking up the book you took. My library doesn't have it but now I will be on the look out for it.
Beautiful projects your stitching. love Annette

Christine said...

It sounds like a wonderful break.You got some lovely stitching done too

Catherine p said...

What a lovely time away. Love your Season's Greetings.

Justine said...

That cottage looks gorgeous! Perfect for some time out. Your stitching is lovely.

Margaret said...

So lovely that you got to do this. I bet it was a wonderful break for you. Love your stitching finishes! I've been eyeing that Hands On Design.

Angela said...

I bet it felt very strange being on your own for so long. It looks like a beautiful area in which to enjoy some me time.

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

It is so very good to get away for just a little while and reconnect with yourself. Good for you! You sound refreshed and the sights were certainly inspiring in all the goodness the Lord hath made :)

Brigitte said...

Getting away from your usual everyday life is the best way to regain some energy. Thanky for sharing all these wonderful pictures and for the links.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

How lovely to be able to get away for a couple of days. I locked the door to the bathroom and stole ten minutes this morning! I don't think that counts somehow.
Scotland is a wonderful place.

Anna van Schurman said...

What a wonderful getaway. I'd love to go off alone and read and stitch, not sure how to justify it though. Someday...