Saturday, September 10, 2011

Park walks

Howard Park Sept 11

It has been a beautiful autumnal day. The wind has been blowing and the trees are starting to turn. I LOVE this time of year. My favourite season. We have had a few stormy days and they thrill me. I have seen the devastation done by Irene in the US and that is bad bad bad. No I don't mean those kind of storms but gentler ones where the wind and rain lashes down on your window and ALLOWS you to stay cozied up inside with the heating on and a hot drink. Today though, there is no rain. Just scuddering clouds across the skies and a whooshing wind that refreshes you. Summer for me is too hot - even in this country. I never do go abroad on HOT holidays. It just isn't me. No I like the Autumn with the wind and the cooler weather and the changing leaves. So Boy and I took a little stroll in the park while Lily was swimming. I have been playing around with the Hipstamatic on my ipod touch and I am not great with the camera but I like the effects. Here are a few pics.





This week I learned to do a new crochet square and sent three of them off to SIBOL. Sue is needing more of these squares and they are not difficult to do. If you want to help then please email Sue - you will find details on her blog. Sue makes up the squares into blankets for the elderly and has made 80 odd of them now. She has been written about in magazines. A very worthy cause. Even if you just made one then that would help.


I have been browsing the blogs and have been inspired by so much recently. A couple of crochet projects have really stood out to me and I would like to have a go at them. Here for example and here.

Well, the next part of the Istitch mystery is out today so I will be getting on with that - oh and I have done a little on my Fragile Heart HAED too so will post updates of those soon. Next week will see me going into a primary school to help out with the kids' reading. It's been about 7 years since I have been in the classroom and I am a little nervous but excited as well. I need to make small steps to get back to work so hopefully this will help.

Thanks for reading and commenting. You are all so lovely and positive and I appreciate them very very much.


Jackie said...

I have no doubt that you'll be a tremendous asset at the school! Tutoring reading is something I plan to do upon retirement - unfortunately I just don't have time now as I work full time.

Margaret said...

Very nice pics from your ipod touch. I love the crochet you did too. Good luck with getting back into the classroom -- hope it goes well!

Kathy A. said...

Your photos are wonderful Hazel. I love the effect you have achieved. Very nice.
I hope you enjoy your classroom time.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Lovely photos of your walk. I know what you mean about sunshine destinations, I don't "do" them either. Getting back into the classroom will be an adventure, it's a good way to ease yourself back in and to build up some confidence too.

Lesleyanne said...

Great photos from your walk in the park. Lovely crochet squares. Good luck in the classroom I'm sure you will be fine.

andamento said...

I usually love this time of year too but we need some dry days so that I can varnish my gates & doors before winter!
Good luck with the classroom work. Did you used to be a teacher? I'm considering doing a PGDE course once N is at school. I'll try helping out first though to see whether or not it is indeed for me.

Heather said...

hhhmmm I would like the stormy weather more if it allowed me to walk to work without getting soaked to my underwear!

Good luck with school - I'm sure you'll be great and will love it when you get into it :-) xx

Shelleen said...

Love the pics. Autumn is also my favorite season. The colors, smells and crisp air.

Christine said...

Gorgeous crochet and great pics from your walk in the woods.
Enjoy yourself at school

staci said...

Your pictures are lovely and so peaceful looking!

Best of luck with the classroom reading...I'm sure you'll do just fine!

Mylene said...

Beautiful pictures of your walk! and goodluck with school!

jenny said...

I don't like the hot summer either, spring and Autumn are my seasons, love the photos, and the crochet squares.

Gail said...

Nice pictures, looks like a nice park. I too love this time of year.

Sally said...

Those photos are lovely Hazel.

Good luck going back into the classroom:)

K @ Aurora Blythe said...

Have just been admiring your sweet crochet! Love the way you join and mix the colors. Very inspiring!