Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Back to school..

Well the summer is over and gone and DD has gone back to school today - year 4! Wowza. She is looking so grown up, so old. DS has also returned to nursery and as he walked in, he told his dad, "I want to go home now". It breaks your heart but I know he will be fine and will be loving it in there, back with all his friends and doing lots and lots of exciting crafty things.

First day in yr 4

But, before they went off on their merry way, we decided to make some friendship braids. DD was our teacher and she enjoyed the process of showing us how to make these easy peasy sweet bracelets. She made some for her friends at school and for each other too. Even little man made one for Dad as well.


I have been doing a little bit of this and that and made a flower square for - well, I am not sure if it is secret or not - I don't think it is but it is to go towards a blanket for a lady who is suffering at the moment. That is all I will say. I really love this flower square and you can find the pattern here.


I have finished my little red bird as well. Been very hard at it trying to get a few finishes in but I am so slow. I now need to make this into a little door hanger cushion thing. I think it will look rather nice in my red, living room.

Bird in Hand Blackbird Designs

Also been working a little bit on Dandelion Dreams. Such a sweet design. I should have this finished soon I hope.


You will have to excuse the folded and creased look of my wips. You know I don't iron till I am ready to do the finishing on them. I am enjoying working on some slightly smaller projects at the minute. My head can't cope with big wips or BAPS at the moment. There is still a lot going on at home and I have spent too many days in floods of tears. Every day is a day where I am not sure of the outcome and just glad and relieved if that day has gone okay.

I have also been doing a little tidying - well, when I say tidying I really do mean shoving things out of sight and out of the way so don't look too closely. But do you remember my messy table here:

photo 2 (3)

Here it is today:


How long it will stay like this for is anyone's guess. It has made me realise that this table really could do with a lick of paint. Tidy table - tidy mind??? We'll see.

Hope you are all having a marvelous week. Off to catch up with you all now. xx

Oh my - just had to edit this as I have just had a marvelous gift through the post from Amanda who I made the square for for her friendship blanket. Ooooohhhh sooo excited and they have really cheered up my day honey. I told you not to!!! Tut tut. But I really love it. Thanks so much.



Alix said...

Hope you're having a good day today - I'm sorry to read of your difficult times...
Your daughter looks so sweet and eager - Year 4 is a great year for children, spreading their wings and gaining confidence! The crochet is lovely - great colour choices and beautifully done. One day, I WILL learn to crochet!

Becky K in OK said...

Your daughter looks so cute. Thanks for posting the pattern for the crocheted square. I have a disabled friend who likes to crochet, so I sent it to her. You are very thoughtful to do this for your friend. Happy stitching Hele...er Hazel!!

Hazel said...

HI Annette. Thanks for your comment. I tried to publish it but it isn't showing for some reason. Anyway, my email is in my profile if you need to get hold of me. xx

Vonna said...

May your DD have a stupendous start back to school :)
And what lovely stitching you have been working on! I've been doing some fall cleaning here too....I "think" I'm done...if I don't look too closely :)

Louise said...

Hello Hazel!
So good to see a post from you :)
I have been thinking about you so much. Your daughter is precious! You have the most beautiful children for sure! I am sure they will both be happy at school. It is always nice to see old friends again. I wish I could crochet as well as you..maybe one day..I would love to be able to do those flowers! I love your cross stitch..I have the same bird design to stitch myself..oh and I LOVE the dandelion one..would like to get that one soon. Thank you for such a great blog!
Louise xx

mainely stitching said...

There is some satisfaction to be found in re-discovering tabletops, isn't there? ;) I've been tidying a bit, too.

Lovely finish and wonderful progress on the current WIP. :)

Your DD looks so serious and grownup! I hope she has a great school year!

natalyK said...

Beautiful blanket square. I love the colors. Your BBD and WIP are great. Happy Stitching!

Anonymous said...

Even though today mine have been arguing back and forth... I will miss them tomorrow. My 3rd is starting yr 5 and my youngest is going into yr 1, gee where did the time go!? My two older ones are in yr 12 and 10, they grow up so fast. I have read through a few of your posts, haven't visited blog-land in a few weeks, and your stitching is lovely I like the ones for Christmas. Your blanket for your brother was nice. Hope you are having a better day:)

Rachael xxx said...

Your DD looks so smart, Time does fly as My eldest is in yr 10 DD is just gone to yr 7(secondary) and youngest in yr 5!!!
Great progresses on your stitching and crocheting!!

gracie said...

very nice....love the WIP's

Julie said...

DD does look smart, hope the school year goes well for her and little man settled in ok at nursery too.

Lots of stitchy progress which is lovely to see and i love your flower square

Take care xx

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I love the crocheted square, I really need to sit down and practice the skills I learned a few months ago - this has inspired me. Children grow up so quickly - blink and you'll miss their school years! I hope things settle down for you and improve Hazel, take each day as it comes.

Helen Philipps said...

Love all your WIPS, such gorgeous makes, the crochet flower square is such lovely colours. Your daughter looks very sweet. I hope both your children settle happily into their new school years.
Enjoy your week.
Helen x

manda's challenges :) said...

Yay!! glad you liked them :) Aww your little dd look adorable in her uniform bless how thoughtful to make some friendship bracelets they'll be cherished i'm sure, love your x stitch wip's xxx

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely finish and wips. Your DD looks great. Time really does fly.

Marion said...

Your daughter is beautiful!!!
Love the friendship bracelets!
Love your stitching, and also you crochet so beautifully!!

Have a blessed day from Canada


Catherine said...

Your daughter is such a pretty young lady!

Lovely stitchy projects!

geeky Heather said...

I love love love the flower square, and your red bird is so sweet!!

Siobhan said...

Your daughter is such a cutie patootie! I was just thinking about how my kids moved here for 3rd class--and next to me is my strapping young son, in his last year of secondary school. The time sure does fly!

Love the WIPs and the crochet square. Do what you can to hang in there, I know how sometimes it is hard to add one more bit of stress or complications in terms of BAPs. Big hugs to you.

Shari said...

your little girl is so pretty & oh my! Growing so fast....
Your stitching projects look wonderful..I hope to start the dandelion one soon...got the pattern this weekend..
love the friendship bracelets...you have created a crafter!!!

valerie said...

Great stitching Hazel and the crochet square is lovely. Great colors! Lily does look so eager and grown up in her photo.

I hope that things improve for you and that things become a bit happier soon. *hugs*

Jane said...

Oh Hazel, I know it's heart-wrenching when they go off to school and you worry about them all day long but from experience you can bet they're having a wow of a time and before they know it the bell rings to come home again.
Your stitching and crochet are lovely and the BBD really eyecatching in just one shade of red.
Don't fill your day with tears Hazel, stay strong and keep busy, things will work out as and when they need to.

Annette said...

Oh Hazel, Clear blue skies are ahead for you. Stay strong and believe you will get thru these trying times...
I tried to email you but it won't work. So if you can just send me an email Nordi99@aol.com then I'll have your correct email. I'll send you something to make you smile.....
Love your wips!

Giovanna said...

Very pretty BBD finish, congrats! And I love that crochet square, thanks for posting the link. A happy new school year to your children.

Sally said...

Your DD looks so grown up. Hope she enjoys year 4:)

I love your crochet square. It is so pretty.

Lovely BBD finish too.

I do hope things improve for you soon lots of {{{{hugs}}}}

Elisa said...

Love that BBD finish...and your crochet...I just can't get to grips with it...lol

Carol said...

Aww...your daughter is darling, Hazel. I love those first day of school photos :) The bracelets are so pretty, too...My nieces were making some of their own this past weekend, although they were knotting them rather than braiding.

Love your crochet and BBD piece. And isn't it a good feeling to organize? My mind always feels so much better when my personal spaces are in order :)

RuthB said...

Well, haven't you been liss miss accomplishful. Say if you have some spare time, you can come by and collect the keys to my hovel if you feel like doing some tidying and you've run out of your own ;-)

Christine said...

Your daughter is looking very grown up now. I bet she really enjoyed "teaching" you how to make those friendship bracelets. Great stitching and crochet. I love the flower square!