Thursday, June 16, 2011

Round Robin, new stash and blanket catch up.

Thank you all so much for the lovely comments in my last post. Your lovely words about my model really blessed me and I know they blessed her too. You are all very kind! Some questions were:

What yarn did you use?
Well, I used good old Stylecraft Special in various shades. It is an acrylic but a very soft one and I find the colours and feel of this yarn is great value for money. I love it.

Are you going to make a bigger one for yourself?
Perhaps. I'd like to but with my increasing size at the moment I am not sure it would flatter me a great deal. Saying that, I could always do one for just wearing inside the house.

I also got asked another question about my new cashmere merino yarn I bought recently and if I had done any more with it? The answer is yes! And here's the proof. I have done four rows up to now but I am weaving in the ends as I go so it won't be a mammoth task at the end.




I have to say the quality of this yarn is truly amazing. It is so soft and has a heaviness to it that makes it really drapey. It is lovely to work with - very soft and slips through your fingers very easily. I am not sure how big I will be making this blanket. I am sorely tempted to buy more yarn and just keep on letting it grow.

I got some lovely goodies through the post this week. For my birthday, Tracy gave me a $60 gift certificate for Anita's Little Stitches shop and here's what I bought. Anita was so kind and sent me a packet of Bohin needles as well as an extra birthday gift. I can't recommend Anita enough. She is super fast and very thorough.


So from left to right, I bought:

Plum St Samplers, Paradise Lost
Shakespeare's Peddlers, Jenny Bean's Friendship Sampler
Sullivan scissors
Blackbird Designs, Blue Bird
With Thy Needle and Thread, Homestead Samplar punchneedle kit.

The last one has puzzled me a bit as the last Punchneedle kit I bought, it contained and iron on transfer to put the image on the fabric but this one says "trace on" - yet it is back to front????? Any tips from punchneedlers out there would be much appreciated! Also a little disappointed that it only shows speciality threads and not a dmc conversion so I am going to have to spend a little time working this one out.

I also entered Simona's giveaway and won! I was supposed to get just the book of motifs but Simona sent me a magazine, some threads and some charms as well! All beautifully wrapped in lovely paper with real lavender in the package as well. Thank you so much Simona. It was a lovely surprise.

Giveaway win from Simona


Lastly, I finished up Tina's Round Robin. I really loved working on this sweet design. Since I am the last person to stitch on it, it is going back home now to be with it's owner. It was a lovely Round Robin and when I get mine back I will do a proper post all about it. It was my first Round Robin and for once there were no problems. Well, up to now that is!

This is Seasonal Samplings by Hillside Samplings.


Well, that's all from me for now. I'm off to pop the kids to bed then it's HAED SAL night with Lisa and Tracy. Need to get more progress on that pink lady!

Have a good rest of week.


jane said...

Your blanket is just beautiful - such pretty colours. Lovely giveaway win and birthday stash ( I haven't tried that ONS - might give it a try) and Tina's RR is very nice too.

Annemarie said...

Oh, go on, hook yourself a poncho. If I can wear one, I'm SURE you can!! Gorgeous new blanket! Have yet to try Stylecraft. I'm using a *very* cheap but oh so pretty wool, called Annell.

Congrats on the gifts!

Delphyne said...

That cashmere merino yarn looks divine!

Lesleyanne said...

Your blanket is lovely - pretty colours. Lovely giveaway win and birthday stash. Great RR look forward to seeing yours when you get it back.

lily said...

LOVE your crochet blanket, such pretty colours, I use quite a bit of Stylecraft yarn and find it's a pretty good all rounder at a reasonable price............lots of lovely new stitching stash, I'm going to pop over to Anita's Stitches for a good old browse.

lily x

Sue said...

Love the crochet blanket and RR and lucky you winning the giveaway. Lovely buys for your birthday too...xx

The Garden Bell said...

What a fun posting. Just wanted to let you know you name is in the pot for the giveaway.

So, do you find yourself think, typing and talking with a wee bit of an brogue lately. I'm just loven' the series and can get lost in it for hours on end into the late night hours. Fun to find someone else in the same summer series books as I.

Just came in from the garden and yes, what bugs me most is biting.

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Just love your croheted blanket its gorgeous.

Love all the pretty colours.

Love the poncho in the previous post too! Your lovely little girl looks really pleased as punch wearing it.

You have been busy!


Rachael xxx said...

Gorgeous colours in that blanket!!
Anita is great isn't she.
I found somewhere that does ten balls of DK wool for less than £9, it's Trade though!!lol

Deb said...

Your blanket is so pretty - such a great combination of colors! Love your new stash too. I can't help you with the needlepunch - I've never tried it before, although I'd love to.

Alix said...

Love the look of the things you bought with your voucher, especially the 'housey' one. I'd be busy for years with that lot at my current rate of stitching! Have fun with it all.

Gillie said...

I need to go searching for that pattern in my stash, I know I have it somewhere! Lovely treats you received too!

Margaret said...

I love your blanket! It's so pretty and sounds luscious fiberwise! Love your prize and stash too! And the stitching is so pretty!

Ellen said...

The blanket is beautiful, love the colors!

Great Birthday stash and giveaway gifts!


Chris said...

Wonderful new stash!
The blanket looks great, lovely colors.

Carol said...

Your portion of the round robin is so pretty, Hazel--that is one of my favorite designs. I'm sure the owner will be thrilled with everyone's contributions.

And your blanket and your birthday stash are wonderful. I have no advice on the punch needle--have yet to try it myself. Enjoy :)

Christine said...

Your blanket is beautiful, the colours are like sweeties.
Great stash and giveaway prizes too

4 Lil' Girls said...

OHHHH I love your blanket, it really is beautiful, gorgeous colors
Karen x

Lisa said...

Love the start of your new blanket, so pretty.
Wow, you chose some gorgeous stash with your generous birthday gift from Tracy. I have Paradise Lost in my stash too lol.
Lovely prizes too.

Julie said...

Your merinoi blanket is growing lovely.

I am working on your RR Hazel, but Isabelle keeps stopping by for a cuddle and i get sidetracked LOL

Kate said...

Great colours on the new blanket. Fab giveaway win and birthday stash. Looking forward to seeing your RR when it's back.

Helen Philipps said...

I love your beautiful blanket, it's very inspiring to this newbie crocheter! I also love the cross stitch and all the gorgeous new projects you have acquired! Thanks for sharing the wool makes too - very useful. Have a happy weekend.
Helen x

Sally said...

Love your blanket so far Hazel. I bet it will be lovely and warm.

Nice giveaway win and lovely new stash.

Tina's RR is gorgeous.

Nancy said...

That blanket is gorgeous! Love the yarn, it does look so rich and soft! Love your birthday stash! And congrats on the giveaway win! Lovely round robin stitching! You have been busy!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hazel,

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog today. Here's the info I used to delete my fb account...

LOVE your gorgeous crochet! I use Stylecraft all the time too, it's fab! I'm using it just now to make a ripple blanket, so soft and lovely! :)

Annaboo said...

Hi there.
Found you via Andamento and I'm so pleased to be visiting (think I'll stay a while longer and have a good browse)
Am loving your crochet (great blanket, cute poncho, cool bag).
We seem to have things in common- same age, great children, love of crochet and a suspiciously similar-looking cat! Will have to try and photograph mine if he'll ever stay still enough.
Am your newest follower so I can keep in touch. Do pop over and visit if you have time -I'd love to know what you think.

Lynn B said...

Hi Hazel,

I love the blanket, the colours are gorgeous! Congrats on the giveaway win and I love the patterns you purchased, very nice.

Dani - tkdchick said...

What a lovely blankie you're working on there and the yarn does look devine!

What a wonderful stash haul you got there, and a fantastic giveaway!

Great job on the RR.

sylviesgarden said...

Your blanket is gorgeous, such yummy colours.

Suz said...

Love the blanket Hazel
Happy belated Birthday too
Stylecraft is a lovely soft yarn isn't of my favourites
Hugs X

Beatrice said...

Lovely RR...sweet.!
Your blanket is stunning the colours are so vibrant.
Yummy stash!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Your new blanket is looking great. Looking forward to seeing your completed RR when it returns.