Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The "All About Me" Award Post

I was recently awarded with some bloggy awards. Thank you so much! It is truly an honour to receive them as you get to thinking that perhaps folks don't really like you or your blog so getting an award or in this case two is even better. I don't really spill the beans much on who I really am - I tend to focus just on the crafty side of things. I am way too afraid of rejection and tend to show more pictures than actual writing. Have you noticed that? Anyway, if you are at all interested in a few silly facts about me then read on.

Way back in May Heather gave me this award:


and more recently, Cuckoo gave me this one:


It takes me forever to respond to awards as I never quite know things to say about myself or really stuff I think I could say but shouldn't. So... with much thought and a brave face, here are a few facts about me.

1. After my incident with Heather last weekend, it really got me thinking that no-one would really recognise me if I walked down the street. Every picture I take of myself is different and weight gains and losses over the years, what with the unavoidable ageing process, shows me in a different light each time I snap. Most pictures of me are pants and not very nice so I tried my best to get a half decent one of me. Here you go:


oh go on then.. a full frontal:


Sheesh I really do look like I am getting old! So now if you do see me walking down the street you have no excuse not to say hello!

2. I have put a serious amount of weight on recently. A few years ago I lost a lot of weight and have put it all back on with more besides so it is a case of getting back on that old waggon again. And staying on! The Old Waggon in this case would be Slimming World - tried and trusted.

3. It seriously annoys me when people hide their loo roll in their house and you can't find it.

4. Although my dh and I are christians, we no longer go to organised churches. We have been too badly hurt and seen too many bad things going on. I do get "fellowship" in other ways though.

5. I'm very forgetful and can never think of the right word to use. The other week I had to ask my DD the word for "sunset". I had completely forgotten it. I am putting this down to tiredness.

6. Linked in with the tiredness is that I seem to suffer from .... thinking of the darn word..... INSOMNIA quite a lot. I have been put on tabs but they don't do much really and I can't take them when DH is away which is a lot. Not stressed about anything too badly - just can't switch off.

7. I have two older sisters and an older brother. My brother is mentally and physically handicapped and I am making him a blanket for his birthday. Pics soon.

8. I am a totally paranoid fruitcake and think that everyone hates me! Like I said, paranoid fruitcake. I am trying to get over this low self esteem thing by chanting, "I am unique, I am special, there's no one like me!". Not sure if it's working yet or not.

9. I have never been on an abroad beachy holiday. I have been to beachy places in this country but never abroad. I have been to Germany and Paris. I am not so great with heat and so laying in the heat for hours on end does NOT appeal to me. Geeps, this last few days in the UK have been bad enough for me. I am sure I should have been born in Finland.

10. I intensely dislike bloggers who never EVER comment on your blog even though you have probably written a hundred comments on their blogs. Yeah I know, we are all Blogging Without Obligation but just one comment! Come on.

Okay well, that's ten and that's enough. I will prob find half my followers gone by the morning now. I pass this on to all the blogs I follow cos you're all brilliant - you can see them in my profile. I think there are about 300 of them. So feel free to take the awards and use them.

Think I need a drink now. My nerves are shot.



Margaret said...

Oh what fun! I love seeing the pic of you!!! You know it's so much fun to know what someone looks like -- especially when all the time one has developed a picture of you in one's head. :D I'm the same way about confidence -- I always am afraid everyone hates me too! And yes, I constantly misplace words. It's awful, isn't it? Ugh! I love hearing about you! Can't wait to see the blanket for your brother! (Yes, I hate when people never leave comments too! lol!)

geeky Heather said...

Still here! =) Thanks for sharing about yourself; I know it took courage.

Sally said...

Lovely to see you Hazel:) You don't look old at all but I can understand where you're coming from. That is all I see when I look in the mirror. Ugly and old :(

I hear you about the blogging/ commenting thing. I know a lot of people don't have much time but one every now and then wouldn't hurt would it?

You and I are alike in some ways. I think every one dislikes me too and forget! Oh my God I am terrible and feel so stupid when I can't think of the simplest words!

Kathy said...

Nice to finally see you Hazel! :) And please don't say you are old. I guarentee I have you beat. :) As for having your photo taken, well, I HATE having mine done. Besides looking older than I feel I am a little overweight and of course it shows in photos. But recently I have been having my photo done a lot. Of course Rory is in the photo so no one looks at me and I'm okay with that. LOL

I have gotten to the point in my life where I say if you don't like me, well, tough that's your loss. I like me just fine. :)

I try to comment on most of the blogs on my list but there are times when I can't read every blog. But I do comment when I have time. Mainly because I love to receive comments. I believe you have to give to get. :) Just my way of looking at it.

Thank you for sharing yourself with us. I won't do the blog award thingy since I am sharing myself on my blog. My life, my puppy and my stitching. :)

Anonymous said...

In a nutshell: lovely picture, love your blog, am too busy, I read and run, but here's a comment... ;o) Will be back when life eases up and when I manage to scrape the rust of my needle... Cheers!

mainely stitching said...

Wow, Hazel! After reading your blog for so long, it's amazing to "meet" you!! I doubt I'll bump into you on the street, but if I do, not only will I recognize you, but I'll be able to start a conversation that doesn't necessarily revolve around cross stitching!

I think a lot of us share the low self-esteem issues. I've tried something new the past six months and have gone for hypnotherapy. I must say, I do feel more confident and worry less about what others may (or may not!) be thinking about me. I also have weight issues, but I don't even want to go there! LOL!

Good for you, opening up and sharing yourself with us!!

sylviesgarden said...

Awww Hazel, I'm still here. Not scared off at all, in fact I can relate to sooooo much of what you said.
I'm so glad that you shared all of that. If I do see you in the street I will certainly say hello. However I am as blind as a bat so don't be offended if I walk on by.
Take care x

Lea Jeanne said...

Hello Hazel,

I don't know you, I do read blogs only since a few weeks and I don't let comments :), not because of no time but when I read some comments I often think there are superficial. It's not the case of the comments of the readers of your last post. I think that your last post indeed takes courage. I struggle just like you, but also just like many many other women. That's life. Have a great summer!

lily said...

Shhhhh, I'm supposed to be on a bloggy break at the moment, but your bravery in sharing yourself with the rest of us bloggers deserves a comment, your pictures are lovely and if it's any consolation I'm way older and a little tubby round the middle..........I have started experimenting with yoga with a dvd in my living room (with the curtains firmly closed, I might add)............I understand the low self esteem thing and sometimes it's hard to value yourself, I think as women we all suffer with this to a certain degree......but hey, I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing all your lovely crafty makes, and if I met you in the street I would definately drag you off for a cuppa and a chat.............just remember hun, you are a unique and special person and I'm so glad I found your just keep this comment quiet as I'm not supposed to be in the world of blog at the mo, lol.

Back to the sewing machine for me,

lily x

Catherine said...

You did good Hazel!! So nice to see your picture - I think you look lovely! And it was nice to read more about you. Like others, I can relate on so many levels!!

I don't like having my picture taken - probably because I can then see how much weight I have gained over the years!!

And, I agree that a comment - even if only now and again - is so nice to have!

Can't wait to see the blanket!!

staci said...

Congrats on your well-deserved awards Hazel! I think you look great!

I have that problem with forgetting words (I thought it was just me!)

Gillie said...

Oh well done that woman, love the photograph! So agree with the blogging comments remark. How long does it take just to say hi, lol?

Kathy A. said...

Well, you haven't lost me. I'm in for the long haul.
Very interesting reading about you. Isn't it funny - we have one view of a person and find out something uniquely different. I think you are wonderful. You have been a faithful reader and commenter on my blogs and I have enjoyed your posts for a long time.
I just see an old lady in the mirror when I look and I wonder when that happened to me. I will be 60 next year and let me tell you I am not looking forward to that one YUCH!!!
Sending hugs

Kelly said...

What a nice post. Thanks for sharing. It is great to get to know the people behind the blogs!

Rachael xxx said...

Luckily having met you,I hope I would recognise you, and we don't really live that far apart.Just at opposite ends of Derbyshire.

I get that thing, you know what I mean ....forgetfulness!!
I always say things backwards sometimes, my kids are always looking at me as if I'm an alien LOL.
And as for the confidence issue, I think alot of us have that, but we are good at hiding it, or just seem rude, Like I do sometimes lol

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Fun post, Hazel and especially great to put a face to a name! I love when we can do that - it makes it all so much more personal.

Turns out, I think, that we're all more alike than not. We all struggle with many of the same things you do. Forgetfulness - the not being able to retrieve a word when I need it drives me to distraction.

Can't wait to see the blanket for your brother.

andamento said...

Hi Hazel,
Lovely to see you and find out a little more about you. Would be nice to bump into you walking down the street but that's unlikely to happen, though you did mention in your last post you were almost at the border!
I don't like many photos of myself either - wish I'd taken more when I was younger and slimmer as sometimes it feels it's only downhill from here (yes, I'm a cheery kind of person, haha!).
I agree with #10, though I'm sure there are a couple of people who have commented on my blog that I've neglected to get back to, must try and fix that asap!

Julie said...

I knew what you looked like to wasn't scared off by the pic!! although i did get to the bottom of your 10 fascinating facts and there was another pic of you with a bump so a bonus pic too LOL

I only have about 15 regular commenters on my blog, lots more comment on yours, its a fab read when folks stop by and you have whipped up some amazing projects.

How could no one like YOU? what a daft idea that sounds to me!

Stitchin' Sweet Sue said...

Great post, funny too ~ kudos on your bravery, thx for sharing. And Amen Sister to #10, you've over 400 Followers ~ just one comment isn't too much to ask ~ is it? Hope you get lots of sweet comments here:) Have a great weekend!

Deb said...

It so much fun to see pictures of people. You look like you'd be a blast to be around! I hate my picture taken and will run like the devil to avoid it. Love the fun things about you too!

valerie said...

Great post Hazel! And that's a nice picture. I know where you're coming from though since I hate having my photo taken and I think we're all a little critical about ourselves. It's ok. I can be a little paranoid too.

I really agree with your #10. Seriously! After a while, I just say "forget you". I know it's BWO but at least say thanks. lol It's once of my pet peeves.

gracie said...

Congratulations on the awards...nice picture of you and thank you for sharing info about yourself.

Heather said...

Oh my, you look very much like a person that I hugged on Saturday! oh no wait, that was you! :-)

I like your list. I can never think of things to say about myself, other than I like stripes and I have two bad rabbits. However, I also hate it when people hide their loo roll! or if they don't have a towel in the bathroom. Hello ... I have just washed my hands and now they are wet. Kindly provide some kind of drying device. I'm not asking for a Dyson airblade but a towel would be good. Don't even get me started on public toilets that have a hand dryer that can be beaten by a slight breeze. I'll stop now because I am probably making you back away slowly.

Also, I am totally guilty of not leaving comments. I try, I really do but sometimes I just don't have anything to say! Will endeavour to try harder ;-)

Kay said...

Love your picture - you are much braver than me! Absolutely HATE having my pic taken. In order to fight my insomnia I have started to do some yoga and the breathing thing really seems to help in relaxation. Helps turn off the brain! Thanks for sharing!

Annemarie said...

Hazel, you are a silly girl. Of course we love you to bits, and eve more so now we know a little bit more about you. Thanks for the ten facts AND the pics. Loved them all.

Hasn't the weather been HoRrEnDoUs? What do you think? Shall we move to Lapland together?

KarenV said...

What a lovely post Hazel! I don't think you look old at all, you look really pretty.

Nice to find out a little bit more about you - I have the same self-esteem issues (I think many of us do) and I think you're very brave for sharing all that information!

jane said...

Great to find out a bit more about you Hazel, nice pics too. I am guilty of reading without commenting sometimes, sorry I know it is a bad habit.

anneke said...

you háve told a lot now! that's very brave and I applaud you for that!

many things sounds too familiar...
keeps crocheting, it takes your mind of things, doesn't it?

lynda said...

Thanks for sharing so much about yourself...I rarely do that on my blog either...I think I am the queen of low self-esteem...and now that I have so much weight to lose I feel even worse about myself. a hamster on a wheel! What is Slimming World? Maybe I should give that a your pics...and you do not look old!

Nancy said...

Congrats on the awards! Loved learning more about you! Loved the picture of you too! We have a lot in common! I hate when people don't leave comments every now and again too!

Jeanne said...

Hazel I so enjoyed your post today. I'm sure we would find lots to talk about if we were to meet! I still get comments from my mgrs that I should have more confidence and this is after working more than 30 years! I have struggled with all the things you mentioned in your post...I am making a little progress on the "weight wars" but it's a constant struggle.

Every 2 or 3 weeks I start thru my blog list again and I try to stop and comment on every blog - sometimes I start with the "A's" and then next time I start at the "Z's" and work backwards, or I start in the middle LOL. It's hard to keep up with everyone that's for sure. I have been following your blog a long time and no plans on leaving!

P.S. You're not allowed to feel old until you at least get into your 50's!! :)

FIONA said...

Hi Hazel and great to see "real" photos!! Thanks for being honest - it is often easy to hide behind a computer! Love seeing all the things you make and enjoy reading your blog! Hang in there my friend! xx Fiona xx

Wendy said...

Hi Hazel! So nice to 'see' you :0D And thanks for sharing all that cool info about yourself. You are beautiful - inside and out.

Helsie said...

There are lots of bloggers out there who never show themselves so good on you. It saves having to send a photo of yourself to them if you ever arrange a meeting ( or clutching a rose in your teeth so they'll recognise you in a cafe when you meet up !!)

penelope10 said...

I like your picture! Did you make that sweater you have on, the blue one?

Carol said...

Oh, forgetting words, it is annoying isn't it. Always just that inch away.
No, you don't look old but I guess we all look in the mirror and aren't always happy with the person looking back at us.
I don't have a blog but I do love visiting the craft blogs and appreciate bloggers, like you, kindly sharing their lives and their creations. Thank you.
Carol xx
p.s. I'm another one who hides from the heat, Monday was awful!

Jackie said...

Loved your list and your pic is great. You're not old at all! Everyone LOVES you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hazel, I'm still here too and get all the points you made - could we have been separated at birth? I too very often have posts with no comments and this does leave me feeling down, but hey-ho!
Love 'n' hugs and see you soon!!

Rowyn said...

Hi Hazel

I've become a slack commenter lately, so your no. 10 really spoke to me - as you often leave comments on my blog (thanks!).

Lovely photos of you, and thanks for sharing more about yourself. I really can't imagine people hating you, you seem very personable and likeable!

Have a great weekend!

Lynn B said...

Hi Hazel,

Now I know I will recognise you in the street, I know you visited Skipton recently which is quite near to me and I visit there often, so you never know one day I will call out your name!
Mmmmmm I was a little shocked to read about the comments, I am guilty of not leaving comments although I do leave comments when I see something I love but I do lots of giveaways as thankyou to all my readers, that's my way of returning the favour and thanking my readers for visiting. I will bear it in mind though Hazel, it never even crossed my mind, but to be honest I never get offended if someone does not leave a comment even if I visit their blog often.

Carol said...

Fun to get to know more about you, Hazel! But, old--um, I don't think so!! Wait until you are approaching 60 (like I will be in 4 years!!) and then you can say you're looking old :) You're very pretty and I can see how much your darling daughter resembles you.

I so relate on #4 and #10--the commenting thing. I do have a wonderful core group of commenters (including you--thank you kindly!), but I know there are so many, many more that take a peak at my latest post and leave when I've commented on their blogs many times.

I always enjoy my visit to your blog and admiring your latest creations...

Margaret said...

What a lovely post and how good to see you in person. You - old - I don't think so!! You look young and lovely. I'm 63 which may seem ancient but I'm still very young at heart.

Thank you sharing so much about yourself. What a special gift for your special brother.

Karen said...

From a fellow 36 year old.. you look great! Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself. It's always nice to get to know the blogger behind the posts a bit better! It can be hard to open up publicly and share a little bit of yourself like that. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't have a blog, so I don't get comments. Then again if people give me pretty things to look at and say interesting things or make me laugh, it's polite to say so isn't it? I have noticed some people who are noticeable by their absence though - who don't seem visible anywhere. Understandable on those blogs that get oodles of comments as they can't be everywhere I suppose. But that isn't most people.

Interesting what you say about your christian experience. I was brought up christian but found God was lacking in churches and saw some most unchristian behaviour, which struck me when I was quite young. I would not describe myself as christian but I have beliefs. I wish you well on your own journey.

No one can be liked by everyone and we dislike people for silly reasons too (sometimes we get to find that out and even become friends with people we don't like). I doubt very much indeed if anyone hates you though, you seem too nice for that. There are plenty of people who will like you just as you are, you don't need to change a thing. Conversely to what people think, unassuming people are appreciated more than those who shout out about themselves. There is room for everyone and quieter people are well worth getting to know. It really is often true that empty vessels make most sound. I'm sure you have never done terrible awful things, therefore you are definitely not hate worthy and you are definitely a great deal nicer than many and people even like them!

Finally, let me tell you that you look like you are a nice person in your pictures; pretty too. I can tell these things! I especially like the second photo. you look a warm and kind person. Perfect as you are.

p.s I forget everthing - even everyday words. I couldn't remember the word for garden a while ago and I was standing by the window looking at it. Don't worry about it. It has its funny side!

Gina said...

Great post!! And you are lovely - wish I looked as young and slim as you...

Mylene said...

A great post, Hazel. Thanks for sharing about yourself and lovely picture of you. I so agree about the comments!

Louise said...

First of all, Hazel, I want to say you are VERY much loved and adored! It is evident by all the people who come to your blog and post to you. (I being one of them!)..
I don't get hardly any comments ever, but I do thank you for being one of them that takes the time to say hello to me! You are an awesome person! I love all you do, and admire your courage in your latest post. It shows you are indeed a special person, and very much human. :) I look forward to coming to your blog to see the latest pictures/posts. You are beautiful inside and out!
Louise xx

Melody said...

Nice to see pics of you, to put a face with your blog.

I too struggle with a bad memory, I attribute it to menopause...

I too, have issues with weight, as you can see from my profile pic. It is a struggle I've fought for years. Sometimes more successfully than others... *sigh.

Just-Do said...

You forgot to put in that you have a great sense of humor. Your blog always puts a smile on my face and I really want to thank you for that. Lovely post as ever, and congrats on the awards. They are well deserved.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I'm so with you! Especially on numbers 6,8, and 10! I just got some new insomnia stuff - all natural - going to give it a whirl. Hopefully it works and doesn't make me groggy the next day.

Kathy said...

Hey Hun, am still here, sos for not commenting lately, I ahvenlt commentedon anyones lately, things are pretty hectic here, and I have just been reading and disappearing.

But not anymore. Am always here for you hun, luvs ya. Hope to speak soon.

Hugs xxxx

Michele said...

What lovely big green eyes you have! LOL about #3!!

Esther said...

I think you sound like a lovely person and I love your blog and your talent for crafts. Thank you for sharing - you are very brave! Esther

Julia said...

Lovely pics of you! Mind you, I reckon as we get older we all start to think that about pictures of ourselves - well I do at any rate!! lol

Hazel, if your print isn't with you within the next 10 days please let me know and I'll contact Royal Mail (you have to let so much time go before you can complain etc). It was posted Saturday morning so fingers crossed it turns up soon.
J x

Helen Philipps said...

What an interesting post, Hazel! it was lovely to see your picture and to find out more about you. I think you will attract more followers not lose any!! It does take courage to write more personally though. I always enjoy your posts, and love your stitching and other crafts - you come across as a calm person to me! Have a happy week. Helen x

Dani - tkdchick said...

Its GREAT to "see" you!!!!

Siobhan said...

I LOVED seeing the pics of you, and reading about you!! I think you're fabulous and always have. I'm always glad to see your blog pop up and read about what you (or your dad!) have been working on, even if it does take me forever to comment. I was reading a bit of the comments that you got, something I rarely do (read comments on others' blogs), and was amazed at how many people share the low self esteem issue. I do, too! I wish I didn't and am encouraging my kids to be more confident. I feel like nobody likes me because I don't have any friends here--I think I'd be lost without blogging!

Have a great weekend!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Thanks for sharing so much more about yourself. In my last post there was about 100 visits and only 13 comments, I hear you about number 10. Lovely photos by the way , if I ever see you in my little bit of the world I will be sure to say hello.

Elisa said...

I'd like to give you the stylish blogger award, please head over to my blog for the details. xxx

Cuckoo said...

I missed this post. HOW???? Madness. Love it though, loved your facts and the photo of you.

I don't think it's necessarily that you are a paranoid fruitcake, I think that's what long term tiredness can do to your thoughts.

With you on the weight thing. I yo yo, at least I used to, not so bad lately,I seem to want to do crafty stuff more than comfort eat these days. Saving grace, hey!

With on the comments thing too, some blogs I can understand that they get thousands of comments but others, especially those with few followers and/or comments, well they pi55 me off!!!!

As for mispalcing words, it's names for me, especially when having to introduce someone.

Carla said...

Thanks for sharing a little about your self with us :-)
Looking forward to seeing the bkanket you are making for your brother

POlly said...

that was vey good nice to open up not easy i should know and dont forget GOd loves whatever

Anonymous said...

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