Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Some stitchy stuff and thanks to KarenV!

Just had a lovely couple of days at my good friend Tracy's house. We had a lovely relaxing time (no kids for me although I did miss them like crazy). We went to the cinema to see the new Thor which was fantastic and then stitched our hearts out the rest of the time. I finished up page 1 of Breaking Dawn HAED. You can see the little pink wing forming.


I am stitching this for my dd - aren't they all for her??? And she loves the way it is turning out. Such an appreciative girl for an eight year old! Just hope she still likes it by the time I have finihsed it. I looked at my last pic update and it was July last year so that is almost a year since I worked on it. Poor girl. The one in the picture I mean hehe.

Before I went to Tracy's I got a beautiful gift through the post from the lovely KarenV - she has a beautiful blog. If you haven't already discovered her then head her way. Karen does the most beautiful pieces of stitchery ever! So a couple of weeks ago (prob less than that), Karen was giving away some bits and bobs she no longer wanted and look what came for me in the post:

Gift from KarenV


Karen had done a little bit of beading in the past and had made this tiny purse necklace. My dd is modelling it for me. She has gone crazy over it! It is exquisite. Beautifully crafted and has a very Elizabethan feel to it which is perfect for me being a big Tudor history buff. So Thank You so very much Karen. I love it and will treasure it for ever!!!.

Now, speaking of dear Karen, some time ago I noticed a beautiful needle keep she had made on her blog and asked her how she had made it and Karen kindly replied and told me all about "finishing forms". I got onto Amy at DSL and ordered a couple and made this up for Tracy as part of her birthday gift. It didn't take long and I just love how easy it was to make up. I popped it into a circular box I had and took it with me. For my first time at using these forms I don't think I did such a bad job! So again I have to say a personal Thank You to Karen for the inspiration and help. Now I really need to make myself one. The design comes from Blackbird Designs Honeysuckle Manor book. Here you can see the front, side and back of it.

Needlekeep for Tracy May2011



Well, that is all for me for now. I have just found out that next Monday the SIL has offered to have the children so me and dh can spend some oh so much needed time together. Yippeeeee! We really REALLY need some kid free time together. I just hope we find something nice to do. Any ideas???

I have been slowly reading and catching up with all your inspiring blog posts. Keep them coming! And also thank you so much for the gorgeous comments that flow my way. I appreciate and treasure every single one of them.


Oh ETA: I have addded another sidebar thingy to my blog for any recipes I find on fellow bloggers' blogs. If you have one you think I may be interested in then let me know and I'll add it.


Anonymous said...

Glad you and your DD liked the purse Hazel, it's great to see it going to someone who will use it and appreciate it :)

Your HAED is coming on well and I love the little needleminder you made, it turned out really well! Glad I could help out with that too :)

Enjoy your time with your DH, you deserve it!

Nancy said...

Such a nice gift! Great progress on HAED and love your needleminder!

jane said...

Great progress on the HAED and I really love that needleminder, I must have a go at using finishing forms.

Catherine said...

What a cute purse!
Great progress on your HAED. What an amazing amount of stitches!
Love, love, love your finish!!

Jackie said...

Karen is a wonderful stitching and an amazing finisher! You're a finishing pro yourself and did a great job using a form for the first time.

I find HAED's a bit scary. All those confetti stitches...

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Awesome progress on the HAED. I would never have the patience to tackle one of those and greatly admire those that do! Your DD will love it, whenever it is done.

Lovely purse necklace from Karen. I have long admired her work - it is amazing.

You did a great job on the needleminder. It looks absolutely perfect and will be greatly loved and treasured, I'm sure.

Margaret said...

Oh lucky you! I saw that beaded piece on Karen's blog -- so pretty! Love what you made for Tracy too -- beautiful work! Love your HAED too! Glad you get to have some alone time with DH. :D Enjoy!

valerie said...

Great progress on your HAED! It's really coming along!

Love the beaded piece Karen passed along to you as well as the needleminder you made. It's wonderful!

Gillie said...

Goodness me, there was a flash of enabling, I love that Honeysuckle piece, such a good job,will have to look on the DSL website for the finishing forms! I have the book, so no excuse! Very pretty purse too. Have a lovely time together, it is hard when they are away, no children here for me but still lonely. Looking a bit anxiously at the ash cloud right now!

lily said...

Wow, you are steaming ahead with your stitching, love the needleminder and the beaded purse.

Glad you enjoyed your break,
lily x

Christine said...

Your HAED is growing nicely. The little needleminder is adorable

Lynn B said...

Beautiful gifts you have received Hazel and your HAED looks lovely!

Sally said...

What a gorgeous purse!

Your HAED is coming along beautifully. Well done on finishing the page:)

I love what you made for Tracy! It is so pretty. I think I'll have to get some of those forms. I can't do circles for the life of me!!

Kate said...

Lovely gifts both given and received. Great stitchng progress. It is nice to get some "me" time glad you enjoyed it.

Giovanna said...

What a charming needle keep! Beautifully made! And the HAED is stunning.

Lennu said...

Beautiful stitching Hazel! Your HAED looks great and the needleminder is wonderful. Have a happy weekend!

Lisa said...

Glad you had a good time at Tracy's.
Breaking Dawn is looking lovely, I'm really getting back into my HAED's now.
Lovely finish on the needleminder.

Siobhan said...

Wow!! I just love the needleminder that you made. Great progress on your HAED, too! Karen's work is exquisite--I'm glad you and your daughter get to enjoy it. :)

Anonymous said...

I would really love to read your blog but the White font colour makes it very difficult, would it be possible to change it x