Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bunting and yarn and lots of colour!


Do you remember the bunting I was making a while back? Well, I am ashamed to say that I had this bunting made and finished and another lot in red, white and blue finished too but never strung up! Finally, motivation kicked in yesterday and I hauled one of the chairs from the garage and lugged it upstairs to pin them up.


The blue ones I hung in the bathroom and I just threaded them onto some pretty stringy stuff. However, I am not quite sure of the way they are hung and may just have to haul that chair back out and try again. They are hung on two walls but I think I need to just double hang them onto one wall.


I made the red, white and blue one for the boy. I was thinking I could turn his room into "american" themed someday and this might just go. I wasn't wrong. After I had sat and crocheted the pieces together, which surpirisingly didn't take long, I took some pins and pinned them to his window frame. I am really super pleased with the result. So is he it seems and he gave me the biggest hug when he saw them.


With the money I earned from selling a few crocheted bits and bobs, I decided to buy some posh wool - that being Sublime cashmere marino silk dk. Deramores were having 15% off and I also got another 10% off from Ravelry so I ended up saving £24 on it. I still spent a lot though - well, what I consider a lot on a mere 20 balls of 11 different colours.


I waited in for two days jumping at the sound of every car door but the postman didn't come. I sat and weaved in the ends on my Jewel cushion and then there it was. The big knock at the door. I threw the cushion down and pegged it to the door and must have looked a right idiot grinning at the postman. I took the parcel and jumped. Literally - jumped. I tore open the bag and let the balls tumble out.


You see, I had not actually seen the colours in real life. I had only chosen them online and was seriously hoping I had done a good job of choosing and that the colours were going to be accurate.


I wasn't wrong. I was lovestruck! The feel of this wool is oh so soft and silky smooth and the colours are to die for. Some were from the baby range and some from the normal range.


So I played with them. I lined them up. The changed them around. Then I turned them around so you couldn't see the labels. I love this yarn.



So I was very good and finished the weaving in of the ends of the Jewel cushion cover before I made a start.

I had been inspired by this blanket here and wanted a similar look/style. The differences are the type and amount of colours and I also did a two round centre in my squares but this is how it is looking at the moment.


Pretty hey? I really love it. It is quick and easy too and doesn't require me to look at any instructions - bonus.

Lastly, I have been a bit of a HAED addict of late and get really stuck into page 1 of Breaking Dawn. It is growing into somewhat of a rotation - a thing that I don't normally do - but I seem to be doing a page at a time and it seems to suit me very well. Other projects have taken a back seat though. Too much to do, to much to do!! Anyway, here's my progress on her:


So that's all from me folks. Hope you have a lovely weekend. I am heading over to my friend Tracy's for a break as it is her birthday and mine coming up next month. See you next week.



Annemarie said...

Weeeeeeee, oh, such hooky goodness!!! Isn't wool the BEST? The colours you chose are absolutely gorgeous, and I'm sure your blanket will give you so much joy. Love the buntings too. I'm not clever enough to do those, so I stick to blankies and shawls. But if you post enough pictures... who knows what could happen ;o)

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous colours you chose Hazel and the squares you've done so far are very pretty! Love the bunting too and glad your DS liked his :)I'm intending to make fabric bunting for my stitching room and I need to make birthday bunting, so I'd better get going with it!

Margaret said...

Oh I love the yummy colors!!!! Glad you got to splurge on some yummy yummy yarn! So much fun! Love what you've done so far. And the bunting is great! The HAED looks good too.

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely colours of wool. Great progress on your head.

Barb said...

Cor!!!!!!!!!!scrummy or what. I do love your crochety bits and bobs Hazel.You are so talented.

Deb said...

Oh, all that wool looks heavenly. I just love the colors! The bunting came out great and your HAED is amazing.

Cindy's Stitching said...

just beautiful. I love the colors

lily said...

Oh my goodness I have serious yarn envy, I almost swooned when I saw all the beautiful colours you've chosen..............yes I freely admit I'm a colour junkie, can't wait to see your blanket progress with this gorgeous yarn.

So much woolly goodies and pretty bunting.......lovely stitching too.

lily x

jane said...

Beautiful colours of yarn Hazel, that is going to be a fantastic blanket. Great progress on your HAED too. Enjoy your break!

Nancy said...

Beautiful colors! Wool is so nice to work with!

Good progress on HAED too!

Christine said...

The crocheted bunting is fab! I love the colours of your new wool

Heather said...

oh oh oh oh my god, that's so lush! I am incredibly jealous of your beautiful yarn, it's so lovely and your blanket is going to be FAB! I want to pick your yarn up and give it a cuddle, is that weird? hehe xxxxx

valerie said...

Beautiful bunting and yarn! Love all the colors!

Julie said...

The bunting looks brill, no wonder DS gave you a great big hug.

The new wool looks lovely and soft, the blanket is going to be so snuggly

Have a lovely time at Tracy's xx

sylviesgarden said...

I am serious;y drooling over all of that yarn.

andamento said...

Oops, I seem to have missed this post, glad I found it now though, your new yarn looks gorgeous, I have yarn envy!

Keri On said...

Your bunting is so cheerfuL! and your lovely! Thanks for sharing the pictures...I love to just look at it! Have fun working with it!

Sucrette said...

Thank you for the comment!
Have a nice we :)

Kathy A. said...

Oh that wool is just so beautiful. The colors are so warm and soft! I am sure you will love working with them.
Your bunting is so sweet.

And your HAED - very nice progress.

Anonymous said...

gogeous colours of the silk wool, love the bunting too
your HAED is coming along wonderfully

Lisa said...

Your bunting looks fab!
The wool looks gorgeous, makes me want to touch it just from the look, those colours are so yummy.
Breaking Dawn is coming along wonderfully, glad you're back into your HAED stitching.
Hope you have a good time with Tracy, I'm very envious of you being able to have some quality time with a friend, and a stitchy one at that. I really need a pick me up right now, am at rock bottom with no sign of a way back up.

Sara said...

Mmm... Love all those yummy colors and your squares are looking amazing! Started stitching my squares together a few nights ago. Wishing you a happy weekend. :)

Always smiling said...

Love that yarn, it is so pretty.. I have had a longing to knit since we have moved.It is so relaxing so might just look up that yarn just for me!
Beautiful crochet Hazel

Hugs Chris x

Rachael xxx said...

yummy wool!!Have a fun time with Tracy

Rachael xxx said...

yummy wool!!Have a fun time with Tracy

Helen Philipps said...

Love your hooky bunting very much! And the yarn shades you have chosen for your blanket are gorgeous - it's so lovely to just enjoy the wool before you even make something, isn't it? I always enjoy seeing your cross stitch too - such a neat stitcher you are!
Hope you're having a lovely weekend.
Helen x

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

You must be smiling all the time when looking at these happy colors and feeling the yarn in your hands, Hazel. Your buntings are adorable and sooo festive. I have a bunting in my kitchen year-round. Makes me very happy!
Have a sweet Sunday ahead o xx o

Dani - tkdchick said...

I just ADORE the colorus you picked! Not interested in crocheting myself but hose colours are just so yummy!

Your HEAD looks great!

Sally said...

Your bunting looks lovely Hazel.Nice job!

You definitely chose some beautiful colours in the wool. So pretty.

Nice progress on your HAED.

I hope you have a great time at Tracy's:)

Jackie said...

I can just picture you jumping! You did wonderfully on color selection. I'm sure you had fun lining the balls of yarn up and taking photos.

saki033 said...

Hi! I like the colors. Lovely!! I'm bad at crocheting, but love to see yours^-^

Sheilasembroidery said...

I love your bunting and those colours are just scummy