Monday, January 18, 2010

Givaway, thank yous and a new me!

Wow! Thank you all so much for your caring and sensitive comments. I have decided that this year is going to be a good one for us. I am not going to spend time thinking about or dwelling on people or events that have hurt us. I am going to think about all the good plans I am making for this year. I want you to know that I appreciate every single one of your comments from the bottom of my heart. I have never known such a wonderful community of people. We are all different in so many ways, I grant that, and we probably all deal with our problems in different ways as well but the love and affection spoken to me through comments and emails have provided healing and relief in these dark days.

Hence the new look blog! Do you like it? I finally worked out how to put a banner up. The pictures are so very me - esp the cakes (ahem). I love the soft muted colours and the country/victoriana feel of it. I think I'll be keeping it like this for a bit. I'd quite like my house to look like this actually. Hmmm... more plans for this year.

My dh went away to work yesterday. He is working for a band called The Lost Prophets. Their album went straight to no. 2 in the UK charts today. I think they are better known in the US than the UK even though they are a UK band. So he has gone away till Friday, then home for a few days, then away till end February. Then home for a couple of weeks and then back off till the end of April! That's a lot of going away. Thank goodness the snow has finally cleared off. That would have really been bad - coping in that on my own. It is predicting more snow for Wednesday but I am hoping it will not be much and will just disappear.

Sooooo...... lonely nights means...... more stitching. And more knitting. Woop! I found this great new shop in my town called Skeins which sells her own hand dyed yarns. I went and bought a couple of her lovely skeins:



The blue one is for Lily. Her choice!

After seeing Staci's Baktus scarf, I ran right over to Ravelry and got the pattern. So with yarn in hand and pattern, this is what I have done so far. A very easy knit.

Yarn 50% Merino, 50% superfine alpaca

No, I haven't finished it but I don't think it will take too long, even with two children driving me crazy in tow! The lady at Skeins was very friendly and has offered to help me if I get stuck on anything. Just so happens.. haha. I also mentioned to her I was wanting to learn to knit socks (yes, Staci's influence again) and she told me she is doing a workshop on socks in March!!! Woop Woop!! So I am planning on going there when Rick is around.

Stitchwise, I have been busy busy. I made this for Rachael who won the draw over on the Beatrix Potter SAL.

Needlebook and fob set for Rachael Jan 10

Paula Sibbald was already giving away a lovely prize of some of her products but I wanted to make something as well. I stitched Rachael a needlebook and a scissor fob using some motifs from the design and Victorian Motto threads.

I also got this pretty ornie from Ranae which I won in her RAK giveaway. I love it! It will be going on my stitching tree next year for sure.

rak gift from Ranae - jan 10

I have been working on "Stitch red for heart" exchange so can't show pictures of that yet and also the "Stitch and pass on" exchange so no pics there either. I have done a little on Cirque de Cirque but not much to show. And, here's where I am up to on my Just Nan.

Jan progress

I am loving this! I have too many nice projects on the go that it is hard to decide what to work on next.

Okay and finally I am starting to have a clear out of some unwanted magazines. These may or may not appeal to you but it's a free mag to read right?? So here are three up for grabs. If you would like to win them please say so in your comment. You must say so or you won't be entered. Open to anyone but it would be nice if you are a follower/regular commenter. I will be putting more up for grabs in the near future so keep your eyes peeled. I will leave it up till a week on Friday. That's the 29th Jan.


Needlecraft mag Jan 1999 (includes free kit)


Celebrations in Cross stitch May 1999


Cross stitch Quick Issue 1 June 2003

Right, off to put kids to bed and then it's online chat night with Tracy and stitching. See you soon. xx


arlette said...

I feel like dreaming..., I really like to win the magazines!!!!!, hope you enter me, now I already said, lol. I just found you and I'm your follower right away!, thank you for sharing!

staci said...

Love your new blog look, it's very pretty. And look at that gorgeous yarn! Your Baktus scarf is really lovely (love the color!) and hurray, another sock knitter, lol ;) I just love it when I can "help"!!!

Happy stitching AND knitting :)

Tracy said...

great new look hun and your progress on your scarf and Just Nan looks lovely xx

Anonymous said...

Lovely new blog look Hazel! I just found a new yarn shop too, quite close to our home and with loads of lovely fancy yarns, including plenty of sock yarn ;) I didn't stay too long but will definitely be going back! Your scarf is looking great so far.

valerie said...

Love the new look Hazel! Sounds like you've been busy. I'm glad your DH is enjoying the sounds exciting! Great start on your scarf. I love the colorway of both skeins!

Lynn B said...

Hi Hazel

Love your new blog and your lovely finishes, the knitting looks cool too!

Hope this year is much nicer than the last one, and anyway we have our exchange to look forward to, so that should make it a bit sweeter!


Angela said...

The cakes look great, are you going to have go at making some just like them?

The new yarns look great, such vibrant colours.

Your stitching looks as impressive as ever. Looking at everyones Just Nan starts I'm wondering why I didn't join in, but there again I have got enough to be going on with anyway.

corinna said...

great knitting...
that staci is a true inspiration,
nice yarn too
happy 2010

DonnaTN said...

I am glad you are feeling a bit more positive. I like your roses and especially the cake!

Annemarie said...

I've been away for a bit, so I'm a little late in commenting on your previous post. I'm so very sorry you felt the way you felt and I do hope this new year will give you everything you hope for. You're off to a great start, anyway! I just love the scarf you're knitting and I'm flying over to Staci's blog to see if this is something a knitterly-challenged person like me could do... Lucky you for having such a fabulous yarn shop nearby!
And wow, that Just Nan design is gor-geous. Great work!

stitchinfiend said...

Your new blog looks fantastic and those yarns look beautiful and such pretty colours. Nothing like getting more stitching time.

Nic said...

Oooh! A wool shop within travelling distance that does hand dyed yarns ...

Great progress on your projects, too!

Siobhan said...

Love the new look, Hazel! Those cakes--yumm! I could dive into some of that frosting right about now, it'd go nicely with my coffee. ;)

Your stitching is fabulous! I love the little Quaker set. I am impressed with the knitting! I think Staci has inspired a lot of people with her gorgeous knitting.

Christine said...

Love the new look blog. That knitting wool is gorgeous

Something New Each Day said...

I'd love your suggestion, and I'd like to learn how to stitch! I'm not that great at sewing, but you never know until you try, right? I don't see a link for your giveaway, so I'm guessing I should just let you know that I'm interested. I'm so happy to have made a "far away friend", hey that's another "new", or "first" for me, I'll have to blog about that :)

Shelleen said...

love the new blog look. Where did you find the banner? it is very pretty.

Ranae said...

Love the new look.
Congrats! to your hubby no.2 on the charts,wow!
Pretty wool.
Your coming along great on the scarf.
Take care!!

Cath said...

Love the new look , and your finishes are great.
Well done ! XXX

Julie said...

The new header is gorgeous.

I hope this year is good for you, a workshop in sock knitting with be brillian, love the new scarf and wool, how cool to have a nice woolshop close by.

Super gift for Rachael

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Dear Hazel, I'm so happy that you know that the Lord has a better and more loving plan for you and your husband this year. Don't be discouraged. You know even when you suffer injury from other people, he never fails to love and look out for your best interests in the long run. Your new blog is very pretty, especially the pictures that give insight into your heart. Hugs, Deb

Loraine said...

Hazel! I've been reading your past few blogs. So sorry to hear about all of your stress. Stress can definitely cause havoc in ones life. I have had to severe ties with a lifelong friend in the past. Very hurtful experience. It really is awful, and I hope you can move on.
Reading about your experience, I wonder if you might be suffering from depression. I know that's bold to say that, but I would go to the doctor and get things checked out. It could be a mild anti-depressant would help pull you out of your slump. (I'm not one to take drugs unnecessarily, but I think they can be needed sometimes.)
I went to a seminar last week on how to boost ones metabolism. It seems that Metabolism is responsible for much of our weight loss (and gain), and energy levels. Try and eat good, and keep up the exercise to get your metabolism up! That should also help.
Really love all your new projects! Keep up the good work.
Don't you just love blogging friends? What a great community to be a part of.
Take Care! Hope all goes better this year.

Sally said...

Your new blog look is lovely Hazel:)

Oooh I've heard of Lost Prophets! Didn't they do a song called Rooftops?

Love the scarf and the things you stitched for Rachael are so pretty. Nice start on your JN too. Can't wait to see more of this one.

Carolyn NC said...

Lovely yarn, stitching and knitting!

Brigitte said...

Great new look of your blog, which reflects your positive way of thinking so well. I love it.
I'm very much looking forward to seeing more of your Just Nan WIP.

Raggedystitcher said...

Hello Hazel!
I think I sent an email by mistake! lol
How kind of you to offer a giveaway, I would love to enter.
I wish you all of the Lords blessings for this new year.
You are so deserving of them!
Louise xo

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

I am catching up on your blog from top to bottom so I am about to read your next post ... so sorry that it was a difficult year for you. I love your new blog look and the pretty knitting you are learning to do! That was a sweet gift you made for Rachael, too.

Karan said...

Nice new blog look. Enjoying my catch up.... though you have just enabled me! Never thought I'd be tempted to take up knitting again.... now I've seen your Baktus & those fab yarns! Bad girl! LOL
Lovely fob & RAK win & good progress on your JN (haven't even started mine yet. OOps!). :0)