Friday, April 17, 2009

More of the nasty pox!

Arghhhhh!!! My little girl has now caught chicken pox which means she will not be going back to school come Monday. Poor thing. She has had a rubbish holiday - not being able to go anywhere. I'm getting fed up too. Oh well, at least it gets it ovre with.

I have been doing a little stitching and making too. I saw these on Tempus Fugit's blog and decided that I would have a go at making them. The first one was a bit messy around the edges but by the fifth one I was getting the hang of them. I think they look quite nice for my first attempt anyway. For anyone that doesn't know what they are, they are bobbins for holding floss or ribbon or trim or lace etc.


I also finished my April Christmas ornie from Prairie Schooler's Cranberry Christmas booklet:

April ornie

I also pulled out A Most Noble Pursuit but haven't done enough to warrant a showing yet!

I have been blessed to win a couple of giveaways recently too. I got these in the post the other day from Monique as her blog anniversary giveaway:

Blog giveaway gift from Monique!

I also won Dovile's giveaway too which is a lovely box and pincushion but have not received that yet but will post a pic when I do.

I think I had better not enter any more giveaways!!

Have a great week. I am blessed to know you.


Loraine said...

Oh Hazel! I'm so sorry your little girl has the pox now too. What a pain it is to be sick. (I think it's even worse for the Mom!)
Hope you all return to health soon. Congrats on your pattern win. I always enter those things, but I never win. I'm like a helpless lab rat, however, and I'm afraid I'll keep entering, in hopes one day I'll get lucky!

Love the little bobbins you made. They look wonderful. One more thing to add to my "to do" list.

Thinking of you! Have a good day.

Patti said...

Boy Hazel I'm sorry your little girl has chicken pox and hope it isn't too bad. I do hope that you have had it though because as an adult trust me it isn't fun.

I love the bobbins you made. Somehow or other I must have missed Anne's so off I am to her blog now.

But in closing I do wish your daughter better fast. Lots of Love Patti xxx

Olenka's Stitches said...

Poor little girl, the pox is no fun at all.
Love your bobbins and the ornament.

lena-lou said...

Great looking bobbins :)

Hope your little girls chicken pox clear up soon , my 2 have got them over with :)

Ginnie said...

Hope those nasty pox clear away soon! Lovely Christmas ornament for April.

Redwitch said...

Oh no! Poor little thing, I hope it goes quickly! And poor you, it can't be much fun.

Your stitching and bobbins are lovely, hope crafting takes your mind off things.

Deb said...

Hazel - Am so sorry about your little girl and the chicken pox. What a way to spend a vacation! UGH! I don't know if it's worse for her or for you have to deal with her misery! I love the bobbins that you did. I saw those too on Anne's site and thought what a cute idea. Yours came out great! And I love your Christmas ornament too! And thank you for the comment you made on my blog. I got the tin pins from Twisted Threads ( You can probably get them at LNS' but you can also order them directly from Twisted Threads. They have a few different sizes. I've used one for Salem Witch and then this little sampler. Miss Mary Mack fits nicely into one too. The possibilities are endless as long as you don't go blind stitching over small count fabric over one!

Leah said...

That's too bad about your little one. :( I hope she feels better soon.

I love those bobbins, they look awesome!!

Cindy F. said...

Oh no!!! I hope your little girl gets over those nasty bumps and itchies very quickly!
Your bobbins are beautiful! and your April ornie is too:)
Congrats on winning those awesome charts!!

Susimac said...

Sorry to hear that your little girl has chicken pox now, what a shame.

Love the lace bobbins I saw them too and fancied having a go at them too.

Congratulations on your prizes too.

Julie said...

Oh no ... poor sweetheart, i hope she recovers fast and doesn't itch too much.

Nice bobbin holders they look so pretty and delicate.

Nice win!

Suzanne said...

These bobbins are great, I saw them also on Tempus Fugit blog and wanted to try some today. I am a bit nervous about getting them nice and neat around the curves.

Sorry to hear your daughter has chicken pox. Hope she gets better soon.

Siobhan said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your daughter has the chicken pox! Ugh. I suppose it's better they get it over when they are young, but it's still hard for a kiddo to go through.

The bobbins that you made are wonderful! Love your ornament, too.

staci said...

Hang in there Hazel {{hugs}}

Cathy B said...

Hope your little girl starts feeling better soon.

Very cool floss bobbins!

Raggedy Ann said...

Oh Hazel,
I am so sorry to hear that your beautiful children have caught the pox!!! It must be so hard for them to deal with. I am thinking of all of you. My children have never caught that. They did get an injection to prevent it here in the USA, I don't know if they have that shot where you live or not. It doesn't work 100 percent..but it kept my kids from getting it. But either way, once your kids get it, that should be it for them. Hopefully it heals quickly. I love the picture you posted of them. They are truly beautiful children! You are very blessed. I am thinking of you, it will be over soon, and they will be healthy again!
Hugs, Louise xxoo

stitcherw said...

Oh no, what a depressing holiday. I'm so sorry she ended up catching the pox too. Hopefully they are both feeling totally better soon and you can do something fun. Your ornament looks great, such lovely coloring. The fobs turned out very pretty too, what a pretty way to store floss and ribbon and such.

Joei said...

Sorry your girl has chicken pox. Hope she'll get well soon.

Congrats on your winnings. I have done some of those bobbins before, and I love it. You did very well on your first attempt, congrats!

DovilÄ— said...

lovely those bobbins, they look cute:) I need try too ;)

take care and your little girl feels better soon.

Shari said...

the chicken pox are the pits, aren't they?!?! I remember oh so well when our kids had them. No fun for anyone.
Your stitching looks great!!!!!!

Sharon said...

Hi Hazel, sorry to hear your little girl caught the pox too. At least they will be out the way. But it surely ruins a holiday time. I love the bobbins-I looked on Tempus Fugit and I saw hers-but does she have a tutorial?

Fiona said...

Hang in there Hazel - your children will improve and your stitching will keep you sane! Pray for peace and calmness - it will work! Fiona x

Aussie Stitcher said...

I am so sorry for your little girl, chicken pox is horrible.
Wishing her a speedy recovery.

I love the PS ornaments you are stitching they are so cute.

Take care of yourself ((((HUGS))))

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

It's good to hear you sounding at least in a stitching mood, Hazel. Even though your little sweetie has the chicken pox. I remember those days..I had 3 little ones down with them, each with different degrees of badness! You are such a trooper. Hope you're all doing better by next week.
Hugs, Deb

Brigitte said...

Ahhhh, you made them! They look fantastic. I saw them on Anne's blog quite some time ago and have been thinking of making them myself as they look so great. And you can use up your fabric scraps. Now find the time for making them ...
I hope that your little girl has recovered from the chicken pox by now. It's good to know that one usually has them only once.

Karan said...

Hope your poor little DD is feeling much better soon (((((hugs))))). Those bobbins look great & that's a very nice win. Maybe you should buy a lottery ticket?!! LOL :0)