Monday, April 23, 2007

Oh no!!

First of all I would like to apologise to everyone for not commenting on blogs at the moment. I am struggling to keep on top of all of them as I really want to dedicate more time to stitching and the computer is really addictive and taking my time away. So if I havent commented - I am sorry and I will get round to reading and updating soon. Also, I have been away at my sisters this weekend as my husband has been on a trip to Dallas so I went up to stay for a couple of nights.

Well just got back this morning and got my Thread Bear parcel through of A Most Noble Pursuit!! You can imagine how excited I was opening it up, only to see that the £37 thread pack was all in strands with no codes on that you have to sort through yourself!! Okay, I thought, I'm a pro, I can handle this. So began the task of laboriously counting out strands and matching up the colours with the codes. You can imagine how disappointing it was then only to find about a third of them missing! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! NPI is at fault on this one. Only, now I'm not sure what to do. Have rung TB and I'm awaiting to hear back. It took ages for thm to come and now I expect to have to wait ages for the next batch to come again. Oh well, I wasn't planning on starting it so soon anyway. Just a bit disappointed (sniff).
DSC03550 The fabric and the chart is lovely though!

On a different note - here's some pics of my rabbit Amber that I took of her in the garden the other day when the sun was out. I was wanting one of her with the cat as the cat completely freaks out and goes all bushy tailed at the sight of her before scarpering off up the fence. Please do not tell me she is a hare!!! She is actually an Old English breed with an unusual colouring - I've been told (which prob means she was cross bred!!! But she is far too tame to come from Hare stock!

Amber April 07

Have a good week! Hugs to everyone.


Jamie said...

I know what you mean about the computer eating up time. It does get addictive. I cannot wait to see the progress you are making though. I'm glad you've been enjoying the weather. You've got a cute little guy there!!

Vonna said...

Yikes the computer is addictive :)
SO no worries on my part about no comments!
That is a bummer that your threads were not all awful and then no to mention how expensive they are...they should be right!
Good luck with it all :)
And Amber what a sweetie she is!

Louanne said...

Hazel! Your rabbit is just the cutest, most adorable little baby!
I am so sorry to hear about the mishap with the kit threads. How awful! I would be steamed over it for sure! I hope you get it worked out quickly and to your satisfaction.
I can't wait to see updates on your WIPs!

Cheryl said...

Oh no, how annoying about your threads! Good luck with the sorting. Love the pictures of your rabbit, so cute!

Itching To Stitch said...

A Most Noble Pursuit is such a unique design to stitch. So sorry about the silks :(, that's disappointing ;)

Carolyn said...

I know what you mean about the computer taking up all your stitching time! I'm guilty of that all the time!

That stinks that they didn't organize your floss for you AND left part of the order out. How frusterating!! I hope they get it corrected for you.

And your bunny, Amber, is soooo sweet!!! :) Does she have the run of the house or do you keep her in a cage most of the time? :)

Rowyn said...

Oh no, what a shame you will have to wait to receive the rest of the threads. Beautiful rabbit! :0)

Sally said...

Hi Hazel,
Just to let you know, first off, that I've emailed you about getting the line through the lists. I'm not very good at explaining so I hope it makes sense!

Oh no that is terrible about the threads. It's really not good enough especially after the long wait you've had for them. I hope you get something sorted out soon.

Amber is really cute.

Carol said...

I hear you!! Blog reading eats into my stitching time too - I grab time at work to comment in blogs, but keep getting disrupted by the phone and my patients - LOL! Love the bunny!!

Munners said...

What a monumental task to sort through all those threads, and then to have so many missing! Hopefully the girls at Thread Bear will be able to sort you out - they're such stars! This does look like a gorgeous chart though!

Lizzy said...

Oh, how disappointing, Hazel... I'm sorry about your Silks, Hun! I hope they get it all sorted for you ASAP and it's awful that you had to sort the one's they did send you yourself!

Drema says my fabric still hasn't come in... so I'm still waiting... And then I have to get the Silks as well...

I love, love, love Amber!!! She is just so precious... :-)

I know what you mean about the computer time taking up so much of your stitching time... with the way I work, it's difficult for me to find time to do either on days I work and then on my days off if I'm blogging I feel like I need to be catching up with my stitching...

Big {{{Hugs}}} to you Sweetie... :-)

The Silver Thistle said...

What a gorgeous rabbit! (she does look a bit like a hare though, lol) I'd be miffed at the threads too. £37 is a lot of money to have to sort it out yourself and have lots missing too! I see it's sorted now (from above post, but I'd still be a little annoyed)

Lana said...

I love your rabbit! very cute! and I am glad you got some new stash, sorry about all the problems with the threads, though! that stinks!

stitcherw said...

How disappointing to get the packet and not have all the threads. I'm behind in my reading, so am reading in reverse order and did note that you got through to them and that replacements are on the way, but still having to wait twice is hard.

The pictures of Amber turned out great, looks like she is really enjoying the grass. As to you not being as active lately on blogging, the computer can use up an incredible amount of time. Between computer time and life, sometimes computer time just needs to take a backseat for a bit so you can get other stuff done, like stitching. :)