Thursday, April 05, 2007

New Stash arrived!

First of all a huge thank you to Tracy (maddixie) for sending me the Patchwork piece she charted for me. It is so kind of you to do it and it will save me a huge job in the future.

Yesterday half of the stash I ordered came from Thread Bear and just as Cheryl said, they cam ebeautifully wrapped in tissue and ribbons. So here is the first Loose Feather's Club chart of the year with the precut fabric and also Polly Wolly Doodle and Glad Tidings.
New Stash April 07
What I also like about this store is that they have done DMC conversions for all the different types of threads that are coded on some charts like WDW and Gentle arts etc... So I am still waiting for the Most Noble Pursuit chart and the linen and the thread pack of NPIs as they are still on their way from the US I'd imagine. Now I am sticking to my goal of "No New Starts" this month so I will just have to drool over my new charts for a bit!!!

Here is an update on Cheryl's Bouquet. I am three quarters done on this now so I should definitely meet my April goal and get it finished. It's such a nice one to do!
Cheryls Bouquet 3/4 done
I have been getting back into my Dreaming Mermaid but it is slow going so I will post an update when I have done more on it.
And finally thought I'd post a pic of my other puss Scratchy. She is a bit scatty and it's difficult to get a pic of her at times but here she is. Little cutey!

Hope everyone has a blessed Easter and that you don't get sick on creme eggs (Cheryl!!)!!


Jamie said...

That's some great stash! You're needle has been FLYING. That's amazing progress. Lovely kitty.

Carol said...

OOO, that is some yummy stash! Cute kitty :-)

Christine said...

Cheryl's Bouquet is looking lovely!

Louanne said...

AWWWEE! Scratchy is a cutie pie! Looks like you got some good stash there! Good for you! Cheryl's Bouquet is coming along and it's gorgeous! *HUGS*

Angi said...

Oh wow! Scratchy looks a LOT like my Smudgers!! So cute! Great stash too!

Sally said...

Lovely stash Hazel. I was very naughty and did a small order with Thread bear the other day as I found that they did wire hangers. If course I couldn't just order one of those could I so I ordered La D Da's Bless This House as well! LOL I know I shouldn't have but I felt like cheering myself up!

Cheryl's Bouquet is coming along beautifully.

Cheryl said...

Great stash there! Your cat is cute. Have a great easter, i will try and stay away from the creme eggs!! Only 3 this week (so far LOL).

stitcherw said...

Cheryl's Bouquet is looking beautiful, you've gotten a lot done since your last post. I think you'll have a finish on this one soon. Wonderful stash you got, I'll bet it will be hard to stick to your no new starts rule with these lovelies in your stash now.

Scratchy took a great picture, reminds me a lot of my cat Bugs.

Mad Dixie said...

Great stash Hazel, your flying along with Cheryl's chart I really love the colors you've gone with they really go well together, very cute kitty

Lizzy said...

Well, I know I remember reading both this post and your next one... I don't know how on Earth I missed commenting on them... I think I'm losing my mind! lol

Love, love. love all your stash, Sweetie... you know we have such similiar tastes... :-)

Your progress on Cheryl's Bouquet is just stunning... my goodness, but you'll be finished in no time and it seems like you just started it! I so love the colours you are using! I do declare but sometimes it seems like I am such a Tortoise about my stitching... wishing I could be more akin to the Hare! ;-)

Scratchy is such a Sweetie-Pie... She's so lovely... :-)