Thursday, March 13, 2014

Colour therapy

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I had the privilege of attending one of Lucy's workshops last Saturday at her lovely studio in Skipton. Nine different people from al over the UK came to meet Lucy and crochet up one of her Bower Birds. The studio is above a lovely cafe which served up the most amazing coffees and pastries. We were hugely spoilt and I was very very good and only had a few pieces of cake! Fortunately they were cut up into edible mouth sized bites so I thought five pieces was good going. Lunch was served - tuna/cucumber/olives on brown bread which I can only describe as being like a miniature loaf! It was huge but oh so lovely. Without much further ado, hooks were out and fingers got busy. Cappuccinos were provided to help keep up the momentum and by the end of the day, we had all completed a little Bower Bird. 

 Bowls of colour to entice and delight!
Lucy's beautiful studio. What a privilege. 
Beautiful merino yarn to make our birdies.

More studio shots.

 And here they all are. Nine little Bower Birds. Mine is third from the bottom. 
Here's yours truly with Lucy herself. 

And after that, we all went home and made a home for our birdies. Here is mine finally finished!

That was last Saturday! What a great trip. I would thoroughly recommend it. Lucy was very helpful and on hand to offer advice and tips. But get in the queue as I believe there may be a waiting list for the next one. 

Okay so that was that. I have been meaning to get these next pictures to you for some time but just have not had the chance to blog. Here is my Elmer blanket - finally!!!!!

I absolutely adore the crochet pompom edge I made for it which can be found here. I used 17 colours of Stylecraft Special DK. I am incredibly happy to have this finally finished at last. It seems to have taken a long time from when I first started it although I have had breaks from it to stitch and do other projects. I still haven't completed my Willow blanket yet as I still haven't decided on how to place them. 

Finally, my lovely friend Tracy helped me to choose some nice colours for a new blanket. I wanted to try out the new Stylecraft colours - they had a mustard and an orangey one so wanted a palette to incorporate those. Here's what she came up with:

What do you think? Starting with the gold colour at the bottom and going clockwise we have the following:


I think that's correct! 

Well that is all from me. Hope you have enjoyed reading today. I'll be back soon, hopefully with a Willow finish.


Robin said...

What a fun day it sounds like. Isn't it nice to be with other crafty types and also be treated with cakes and cappachino too! Love your crocheted me inspiration.

Margaret said...

Oh my! I'm so envious that you got to meet and take a class from Lucy! Wow! Your finished project is gorgeous too! Thanks for all the lovely pics of her studio! Love your finished blanket too! The color palette for your new start is lovely as well. Beautiful colors!

Vickie said...

ooOoo! Fabulous new color choices. What an awesome finish to the bird. Love the Elmer blanket finish.

Edgar said...

What super crochet pieces and what a fun day!! I love the new colours for your next blanket

VeggieMummy said...

Hello, I found your blog via 'Little Tin Bird' and am really enjoying it. Love the bower bird and the Elmer blanket. I have only just started to crochet but am thoroughly hooked! Just finished my Elmer blanket and have now started on a stripy one to keep it company - I can see them beginning to take over the house!

KnittingDays said...

Elmer blanket and the edge-BEAUTIFUL! congratulations!
Tuna/cucumber/olives sounds interesting.Thank you,Hazel,for sharing.

Cindy's Stitching said...

Ohhh how pretty. The birds are adorable. The colors in the blanket are so pretty.

Melissa said...

Oh what fun! It must be heaven to be surrounded by such bright colours and creations! Lovely photo of you & Lucy!

Tracy said...

What a fab day hun sounds like you had lots of fun those cakes looked very tempting. The blanket is so stunning I esp love the pom poms and if I do say so myself ;) those colours look fab I cannot wait to see what you start, I may have to steal the idea back for the colours and do my own ;) I'll see what you inspire me to do ;)

Elisa said...

Ha ha I am chuckling away know I ranted a while ago about certain blogs which rubbed me up....well that's all I'll say.

Lovely bird and a fabulous blanket Hazel and that new colour palette us really lovely.

Elisa xx

Kay said...

The little birds are adorable! Your afghan would make Elmer proud!

Clare - Aimetu said...

That certainly is a colourful post - I love the birds, yours looks very much at home.

Christine said...

I sounds like a wonderful day and your little bird is gorgeous.
Love the Elmer blanket too

Julie said...

Looks like you had a fun meet up with Lucy at her studio, all the birds look lovely.
Love the pom pom edge to the elmer blanket.

Tina said...

WOW,clever girl,love that bird and your new blanket xxxx

Anna van Schurman said...

What a gorgeous studio! That must have been a fun day. I love the pop of blue in the yarn you've chosen.

Andrea said...

A beautiful crocheted bird. Love your blanket too, especially the edging. Your colour choice for your next one is just lovely.

Babs said...

Very lovely. I like that blanket. Is it made with leftovers?

Hazel said...

No Babs. I used 17 colours of Stylecraft. Same as I made my granny stripe in way back.

Louise said...

Ohhh!!! I envy you that you have spent time with Lucy!! What fun!! What a cute little bird. I love your blanket too Hazel, well done !

Thank you for sharing, you are such an inspiration,
Louise xx

Karoline said...

Lucky you, the studio looks a wonderful place. I'm very tempted by one of the rag hooking workshops they run.

Your new blanket is gorgeous, congratulations

Valentina said...

You're so lucky!! I'd love to take one of Lucy's classes!!! I love both your bower bird and your elmer blanket.

Jeanne said...

Looks like you had loads of fun at your workshop Hazel, and love that finished blanket! I have a favorite quilt I like to use for napping and that blanket looks so cozy and cheerful. Nice new yarns too for the next one, you are really the crochet-queen!

my4lilgirls said...

Oh Hazel I love your blanket & the day at Lucy's looks like it was wonderful, your bird is so pretty.
Karen x