Saturday, August 04, 2012

1st August Wipocalypse

It's been a while since I posted. Sorry peeps. Just been incredibly busy with children and summer hols and preparing to return to work - that sort of thing. I am okay though and enjoying the summer. So far we have picknicked, visited museums, baked, made friendship bracelets, decorated journals, watched "Spiderman 1, 2 and 3" several times over amongst other dvds during rainy days, visited the cinema, visited friends.... and were only in the second week!!!

In fact, I got so busy, I almost forgot that this month has TWO Wipocalypse posts!!! So I figured I better get my progress in pretty quick before the next one comes up.

I have been working steadily on Ann Taylor by Heartstring Samplery. I think I am just desperate to get at least one thing finished before I go back to work because I just don't know what sort of state motivation and energy wise I will be in once I go back. So here she is up to now:

A reasonable amount of progress I think.

And onto other crafty makes..... I learned to do the continental method of knitting! Quite by accident but seriously, this method makes me knit quickly!! I can knit fast. Well, faster than I was anyway. I don't feel like I am a knitter even though I have knitted longer than I have been crocheting, but this method is very much like crocheting and so cometh a lot easier for me. I learnt it whilst also learning how to do the log cabin knitted blanket which I was first inspired by Kirsten at Cozy Things who also provided a link to here which totally blew me away!!! So, although this little piece doesn't look like anything much now, I am hoping that it will do soon - very soon.

Crochet has had a little look in as well. I have been busy crocheting up some really simple squares that I want to make into a scarf with a nice edge along it. I was originally going to edge all the squares in cream but now I am not sure if a darker border might look better. Any ideas??

So that's me folks! Short but, hopefully, sweet. Thanks for all the lovely comments and bits of encouragement you send my way. See you all soon.


Margaret said...

I like all your projects! Isn't it amazing how busy the summer can be? Busy and yet also not busy. Sort of. lol!

cucki said...

Wow everything is so lovely...I love the crochet block so much..lovely colors xx

Gabi said...

Ann looks fantastic. So do your other projects.
I'm also a continental knitter, got taught it that way at school. I always thought it was the easier way, but then again, my aunt knits the other way and thinks hers is easier. And she is SO

Christine said...

Ann is looking splendid!
Nice crochet too. I don't think I'd add cream to that, perhaps a deep plum?

moleymakes said...

Hazel, it's lovely to see you enjoying your summer. Love your sampler project.

I knit the English method way, but I've always wanted to learn Continental, because it's faster.

Your crochet squares look good. Cream would make the squares pop out, but I think that a darker complimetary shade may give it a more suble look.

Ruby x

Vickie said...

Lovely! The little squares for the scarf are fabulous. I am not sure about cream either.

Sally said...

Lovely progress Hazel and your crochet blocks are beautiful.

Kara at Petals to Picots said...

Your sampler is lovely, and I LOVE your grannies! I am actually celebrating Granny Month on my blog this month and even have a special granny linky if you'd like to link up. I'm looking forward to seeing what color you choose for the border :)

Julie said...

Lots of lovely progress on your projects Hazel. The crochet blocks are lovely.

Anna van Schurman said...

I read "picnicked" as "panicked" for some reason. Glad you are having a relaxing holiday.

Anonymous said...


All your projects are lovely.
You have a lovely blog.

Chris said...

Great progress on Ann!
I think that scarf is going to be beautiful, such lovely colors.

Heidi's Garden said...

Hi Hazel! You are keeping busy and AT is looking great. I love the knitted log cabin blanket. Wow! Does it go fast?

I also just adore the colors of your latest granny squares. I think cream would work but a nice purple or reddy purple would make it look really rich for the coming winter months.

Hugs from Holland ~
Heidi ... who is going crochet mad and doing two one a day projects at once ... lol.

Carol said...

Sounds like your summer is a very busy one, indeed, Hazel!! But, it sounds very fun, too--glad you are finding time to fit in some crafty projects. Ann is looking wonderful :)

Patty C. said...

Ann is just beautiful !!!!!!!

Catherine said...

Love all of your projects! I completely understand about the busy times of summer!

Patty C. said...

Ann looks great :)

Brigitte said...

You have been so busy during the holidays with wonderful things - makes the summer such a great time, doesn't it? And still you have progress to show on your needlework projects. Love your pictures.

Karoline said...

Great progress on Ann, your mitered squares and crochet are lovely too

Anonymous said...


Your blog is lovely.
Your stitching WIP is looking great!
Your crochet and the knitting looks so cosy.
I love the throw you made for your daughter's bed, it looks so pretty.

Holly x

Chris said...

Lovely stitching Hazel as usual and I love the log cabin blanket, I think I might have a go at that as I love knitting when the nights draw in.. every blessing for your new job, I guess it won't be long now before you start.You'll be fantatic I am sure; teaching is like riding a bike, it all comes back to you as soon as you start!
Those granny squares look good too, I think a navy would suit those clover colours.
Love and Blessings and be happy!
Chris xx