Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wipocalypse June edition and a trip to a yarn shop

Finally, I have a little slot in one of my busy busy days to do a quickie post. I nearly missed the Wipocalypse for this month till I saw it on someone's blog. Arggghhhh!!! Hurry hurry!. I really wanted to finish my wip of The Sampler Girl's "Return to the Sea" and so last night, just after midnight, I put in the last few stitches. 

What a joy to stitch. I adore The Sampler Girl's designs. So sweet and simple and quick to stitch up. I love the colours too. Great choice. So, here she is...

Return to the Sea by The Sampler Girl
28 count Antique Cashel Linen
DMC as coded

I'll be off to my framers with her tomorrow to get her framed and up with the rest of my Sampler Girl collection. 

For some time now, I have heard and read online about a yarn shop in the centre of Manchester called Purl City Yarns but everytime I went into the city (which is never very often) I could never find it. We happened to be there the other day and struggled for a place to park - it was a Saturday, in the middle of the city (what were we thinking??) - but lo and behold, there it appeared. Just like THAT. BAM! Right in front of my eyes. I could hear the orchestra in the back of my brain playing this great victory song. Honestly, I couldn't believe it. I was going in...

I was not disappointed. This little treasure of a shop had tons of beautiful yarn in it. So much to look at but I didn't have long. I noticed they had some Debbie Bliss Angel and that it was reduced so I snatched it up. I had been thinking of doing some japanese flowers in it for a nice shawl but I was wanted more earthy, muted, natural colours so these are the ones I have gone for. 

and this was my first trial flower:

I am not sure whether to do single colour flowers or a combination of colours in each flower so I need to experiment but can you get the feel for what I am aiming for?? Something fuzzy and light and sweepy?? I can't wait to get going on this but I really need to keep on with the flower bed blanket I am doing for DD. I will be all flowered out in no time. 

Well, I haven't been so well for about a week or so but starting to get on the other side of it now I think. Feeling generally very positive about life, the universe and everything although DH goes away tomorrow for 3 weeks and I had a bit of a nasty altercation with one of the other  mums today. So unnecessary and hurtful. What is wrong with people??? I have been into school as well and all is good on that score too. Really looking forward to starting there properly. 

So it's a quick one but I'll be back soon with more pictures and yarny love. God Bless lovely readers and friends. 


flowersandhome said...

Love the sampler you made and the flower. it's especially beautiful in that fuzzy yarn. Great idea!

Margaret said...

Love your finish -- such pretty colors! And the yarn -- yummy! I'd love to go to a good yarn shop like that!

Edgar said...

Great sampler - an that is some beautiful yarn!! congrats

Giovanna said...

Very pretty sampler - congrats!

Bernardeena said...

I shall have to try and find this place one day, it looks great. I also keep thinking I should take a drive over to Warrington one day to wander round Black sheep.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your finish, it's very sweet!

Beautiful yarn, that flower is just lovely!

barbara said...

What a lovely finish of Tanya's design. :)

geeky Heather said...

That flower's gorgeous. Congrats on the nice yarn score! Why not do some solid flowers and some multi? I mean, if you're going to mix colors, I say go all the way! =)

Louise said...

Hello my sweet friend!
The yarn shop looks so wonderful! I love your pretty Japanese flower..but that yarn looks so delicate..looks like it would be difficult to crochet with, so fine..but then, I know you are the professional..I am sure no problem for you to work with! :)
I am sorry you were not feeling well, and I hope you are feeling much better by now. I know what it is like when the hubby is away..mine is away all this week..and we had just moved here! I am a bit lonely, but then again, I do have my sweet daughter to keep me company..but being a teen..she sleeps till late afternoon now that it is the summer!

Love your sampler..beautiful! You are much more productive than me..I still have tons of unpacking to do..I am being very lazy, except for my exercising :)

Louise xx

Devon said...

You Jane Austen sampler turned out beautiful,,cant wait to see it framed,,it is this months banner over on my blog..and love the flower..have a blessed day..

Vickie said...

May God bless you also Hazel. I hope you mend quickly. What beautiful stitching and a lovely flower.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Hazel, as someone new to crochet I'd love to know if you are working from a pattern and are you using the yarn single or doubled. The resulting flower is lovely and the colours you have chosen will look really good.

Carol said...

Really nice sampler.
Fabulous shop, great fuzzy yarn flower.
Glad you are feeling good at the moment, I am too!
Have a lovely weekend.
Carol xx

Mindi said...

Love your finish, the colors are gorgeous and very summery.

Lana said...

Return tot he sea is gorgeous! Congrats on a beautiful finish!! Love the little flower! Very cute!

Marsha said...

Nice summer your yarn pictures and your flowers are going to be so delicate and beautiful.

Veronica said...

Beautiful sampler finish, Hazel.

Wow, what gorgeous yarns. Even though I don't knit or crochet, I can certainly appreciate those yummy yarns. Love the colours you've picked.


Christine said...

Your TSG sampler looks gorgeous, and finished just in time as I see she has just released a new sea themed one.
Well done on finding the wool shop, the flower shawl will be lovely.
Gald you are feeling better

Chris said...

Lovely new finish Hazel.
It is great that you found a new yarn shop. It looks like they have some wonderful things.
Keep getting better :)

Shirlee said...

What a delightful post! Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well but I'm glad you're on the other side of it now : ) Also sorry to hear about the altercation with one of the mums. I often wonder what is wrong with people. I love the Sampler Girl designs as well. I think I might have to make that one : ) Congratulations on finding the yarn shop! The Angel looks wonderful & I can't wait to see the flower shawl you will be making with it.

Carol said...

Such a darling finish, Hazel! Wishing you all the best in your new job :)

Catherine said...

Great finish, Hazel! What a lovely shop you found ~ so pretty seeing all of the colors together! Your flower is so lovely ~ looking forward to seeing your project come to life.

Heidi Kuijer said... I would love to join you in that yarn shop! Oh the joy of drooling over all those fibers! I love what you picked for your Japanese flowers but then I am biased since I did the same in a grey and love mine. All your fault, of course, as you were the one who gave me the pattern and convinced me on chat that I could do it. :-)

Hugs from Holland ~

Julie said...

Return to the sea is lovely, I have that in my stash to do.
Synchronicity is a wonderful thing,you were obviously meant to visit the yarn shop that day and take advantage of the sale. Lovely fluffy flowers, will be a super shawl.

Anne said...

Wow! It's beautiful! Can't wait to see it framed! Oh those yarns are delish!