Friday, August 05, 2011

A little update


Well hello peeps! It has been a while and I am okayish. Thank you for all your kind words of support. Things have not been great around here and the problems have been of the marital type. Stress and anxiety takes its toll on people and can make them behave in less desirable ways - not me by the way. So times are a little rough at the moment but it is good to keep positive and blogs are always a breath of fresh air to read and ponder.

I have been away. We took a little holiday to try and spend some time as a family during the first week of the UK summer hols. We went to one of our favourite places - a town called Abersoch in North Wales. It has some lovely beaches - a sort of mixture between sandy and pebbly.


We stayed in this beautiful place which was a converted stable and it was pure luxury. Just a five minute walk to the beach. Perfect.



The views were magnificent and Abersoch is famous for its sailboats.

We managed to get away on a few daytrips. One was to the Welsh Highland Heritage Railway.

Welsh Heritage Railway

Little lad appeared not to like all the noise coming from the noisy engines and whistle and had his fingers in his ears the whole way through.


He did manage to get one hand free though to do the signal change. Very important job that.


and doing this... both hands free by then!


So onto some finishes. I have finally a big Ta Daaa on my brother's blanket. Goodness it seemed to take forever to go round this rectangle. Fortunately, my mum had said she didn't want it as big as a bed size so I did it a bit smaller. I think the size is just right.

Ta Daaaa!!!

Kenneth's blanket ta daaa!



Jacqui's lovely double V edging:


It is his birthday soon in just a couple of weeks so I will be taking it up to my parents to give to him. Hope he likes it and doesn't throw it off his knee when I give it to him!!

Onto a little stitchy news now if you can bear with me...

Recently, Tina (no blog) and I have decided to do one stitchy Christmas ornie a month from last month till Christmas so that she and I can get some finishing practice in. One month I pick a design and the next month she does etc. I chose a really easy peasy one from Just Cross Stitch 2007 ornie ed. It's the Lizzie Kate one. I wanted it to be a quick one so that Tina could spend more time on the finishing. Here's mine:


I also have finished one for the HOE and sent it off and only just realised that I haven't taken pics grrrrrr!!!!!

But the ornie bug kind of got to me and I finished the stitching on this one from the same magazine:


Just need to finish this one.

Also I have been working on Dandelion Dreams which has been a pleasure to work on. Very simple design. I should be finished with this soon. I apologise for the usual unironed state of my wips!!


So that about all from me for now. Hubby is away for a couple of weeks now so should get lots of stitching done. Thanks for staying with me during my bad times.



Margaret said...

I'm sorry you're having bad times right now. I hope things get better. Your holidays look really nice though. The little one is so cute plugging up his ears! Love the blanket for your brother! And the ornies -- nicely finished and nice finish! I love Dandelion Dreams -- it's looking good. Hugs -- hang in there.

valerie said...

Hugs to you dear friend. I'm sorry you're going through a rough patch with DH and hope things get better.

Your afghan is lovely! I really love your little ornie too and your wip.

I'm glad you all had a fun holiday. Wonderful photos!

Shelleen said...

sorry you are having some trouble and will say prayers for you. Glad that you could have a family vacation.

gracie said...

I am thinking about you and hoping you feel better about things.....I can really understand.....

Nancy said...

Glad you got to have a nice family holiday! What a nice beach you visited and the train ride looks like fun! The blanket you made for your brother is very pretty...the ornie finishing is beautiful and I love your other stitchy projects! Enjoy your stitchy time while your hubby is away and hopefully things will be better when he returns home.

Catherine said...

Sorry to hear you have been going through some troubling times. Your holiday sounds and looks wonderful and hopefully helped!!

Great blanket - love the colors and the beautiful edging! And your ornament finishing looks wonderful!! Great stitches all around!

Kathy said...

{{{{{{hugs}}}}} Hazel, so sorry I havenlt been around to natter, am on MSN if you ever need to talk hun.

Your Blanket and Stitching look fantastic hun. Take care and hope to speak to you soon.

Hugs xxxx

Kim @ Lavender Fields Forever said...

Sorry to hear of your problems & I pray God restores what HE has Joined Together

Jane said...

Stay strong Hazel, I hope it's just a temporary blip and you can sought things out.
Wales looked lovely, it's been a long time since I visited there ~ I just remember a lot of sheep!!!
Beautiful crocheting and stitching, your colours are always so well co-ordinated xxx

Christine said...

That looks like a lovely break.
The blanket is beautiful and your stiching is wonderful as always. I've done that star ornament, there are others to match it in some of the other JCS ornie mags

KarenV said...

Sorry things are a bit rocky at the minute, hope they settle down soon.

Love your knitted blanket and the Joy ornament, the beaded edge is very pretty :) Nice holiday photos too - sounds like you had a fun time!

Carol said...

Oh dear, Hazel--I'm so sorry to hear you've hit a rough patch. I truly hope things improve. It is nice that you could get away as a family--hope that was helpful...

Your brother's blanket is absolutely gorgeous as are your ornaments.

Sending you a warm hug...

Siobhan said...

Hazel, I'm sorry to hear that things aren't going smoothly at the moment for you. I know how much angst that can create. Thinking of & praying for you, and sending big hugs.

Your finished blanket is gorgeous! So pretty. Love your ornaments and Dandy Dreams, too. I need to get with it on ornaments. At least I've one started but so much for my plan of doing one per week! LOL

Great pics of your holidays! Your kids are adorable. I love north Wales and would love to be able to take the kids over for a break before they've all flown the coop.

Hang in there. xoxo

Sally said...

I'm sorry things are rough for you at the moment. I hope things improve for you soon {{{{hugs}}}}

Sounds like you had a lovely holiday. Love the photos.

The blanket for your brother is gorgeous. Lovely ornies too and I I love Dandy Dreams. Just been looking at mine today and trying to decide how to finish it!

4 Lil' Girls said...

Hi Hazel so sorry to hear things are difficult at the moment for you, will be praying for you, He loves you after all :)
Love the granny, sweet edging on it,
Have a peaceful weekend
LOL Karen x

Gayle said...

Love your finishes! I especially like the "A Star, A Star" will have to give it a try. The blanket is lovely. You do such beautiful work and you have an eye for color choices. I hope things will get better...just know that you are not alone. Hugs!

Melissa said...

Thanks for the vacation photos. They look lovely & calm, just my speed! Your stitching are all looking great!

Sorry to hear you've been going through a rough patch, I hope things will smooth out soon!

Louise said...

Hi Hazel,
sorry you are hitting a bump in the marriage area..that happens sometimes. I hope things get better really quickly!
Love all your finishes! I know your brother will love the blanket too, it is beautiful. Your kids are getting so big! They are absolutely adorable. You should be proud! :) Thank you for your prayers when I needed it most recently, I continue to keep you in mine,
Louise xx

mainely stitching said...

Oh, time can wear a person (or marriage) down. I hope you and your DH manage to get things back on track and find your joy with each other again. I know what a challenge it can be.

LOVE the blanket you made for your brother. If he doesn't like it, I do! LOL!! Lovely stitching, too.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

The blanket looks like a labour of love Hazel, I hope your brother enjoys it. On a personal front, just take each day as it comes and try not to look too far ahead or you can feel overwhelmed. Take care.

andamento said...

Your blanket is beautiful, I hope your brother likes it. I'm so impressed by your cross stitch too and how you manage to get them done so quickly. I hope you and hubby are able to make things work again. Relationships can be so tricky at times especially when external influences are at work over which you have no control. My husband gets very stressed about his work but won't talk about it, in fact he just stops talking altogether which I find very wearing at times, but we're muddling through for now. Here's to happier times soon!

Kate said...

Hope things are improving Hazel. Lovely pictures of your holiday.
Great blanket finish and love the ornaments.

Hillery said...

Hope things are getting better. Your granny is gorgeous. Granny blankets are so decieving aren't they? They start out so quickly, going round and round in a flash, then...EACH ROUND STARTS TAKING FOREVER!!!!!! Love it. Lovely job on the ornies too. My skills as a finisher are something to be desired, which is why I have so many UFO's. Hugs.

Rachael xxx said...

I am glad you had some time away as a family. Love the blanket for your brother!! Cute ornie, and I bet you'll soon have some more finishes with the stitchy time on your hands.

Hugs xx

Dani - tkdchick said...

Sorry to hear that life has taken a turn for the rough. Keep your chin up!

I hope your brother does like the blankie for all the work you put into it.

Your ornaments are lovely!

Always smiling said...

Sounds as though your break away has done you good Hazel. You can get through this don't forget ASAP!!
Love the little ornies. My attempt to do one a month fell by the wayside in March!! But you have given me some ideas, thank you..Love the blanket and I am sure so will your brother.
Be happy
Hugs Chris x

Just-Do said...

Your poor son! I know what that is like, my boy never could bear noices, so he was always with his fingers in his ears. Great idea to give him such important jobs.
Love the idea for making an ornie a month. Great way to decorate your tree.
Hope things will get better for you. Hugs, Dorien

Julie said...

Lovely to see a post from you Hazel, i hope the holiday has a positive effect and you came back relaxed and happier.

I love Wales, been there so many times, looks like the weather was kind to you too.. often not the case there LOL

Super blankie, i'm sure your brother will be thrilled with it

Great idea with the ornie, it's always nice to SAL with a friend and encourage each other, i saw Tina's finish at NH

Heidi said...

Sorry to hear things are rough right now. I pray they improve soon for you.

Love the afghan! I am sure your brother will love it. And how fun to do ornaments once a month like this. It helps the motivation to do things together. This one is wonderful and you did a perfect job on the finishing.

Hugs from Holland ~

RuthB said...

Here's to peace and gentle happiness. Isn't it too bad that fingers in the ears won't work for everything :) He's a doll, btw.

Congrats on your stitching acomplishments.

Annaboo said...

Big hugs to you during your difficult times.
On a brighter note, i love your blanket. Beautiful colours.

Lana said...

The blanket and your finishes are gorgeous! Great progress on your WIP!!! Sending hugs your way for all the hooplah you are dealing with!! I went through some similar garbage a few years ago, hang in there!

Simone said...

I have just discovered your wonderful blog Hazel! Your cross-stitch is beautiful. How do you find stitching on linen?

Aussie Stitcher said...

I hope that the vacation helped with your problems. Your brothers blanket turned out great.

Carla said...

Hope things get better foy you and your DH.
Love the blanket, I'm sure your brother will love it !

Brigitte said...

Oh Hazel, what an overly beautiful blanket you made for your brother. I'm absolutely sure that he will love it.
Your holiday pictures are so nice, and I know that it's a wonderful region there full of things to see and to do.
I'm so sorry that you are having such rough times but hopefully both of you will get the problem sorted out in the near future. Hugs to you.

Beatrice said...

I feel so bad that things are rough for you...hope it gets better soon . hang in there.
Your holiday photos are wonderful...what a lovely way to spend a few days.
Your afgan is very prett. I love the colours, like a rainbow!
I have done the star a star as well it's one of my favotite ornies have done a great job!

Nancy in WI said...

What a gorgeous blanket for your brother! Thanks for sharing the pictures of your trip. Cute kids and beautiful countryside. Hope all is well.....

trillium said...

Great job on the crocheted blanket!