Friday, February 18, 2011

Busy Little Fingers...

I have been a busy little bee lately and have been very neglectful of posting about it all.

In my last post I mentioned the Crochet a Rainbow charity that Sarah London had set up. My sister had made 20 squares to add to mine and I have now sent them all off. Here are my sister's squares:


I have also been working on two boys' blankets for my dear friend Kathy who placed an order with me a couple of months ago. She wanted rectangle grannies and one in shades of blue and one in shades of green. I do hope you like these blankets Kathy and that your boys do too. I made them with two strands of dk and an 8mm hook. I did the edging very simply which I found on Bunny Mummy's blog.

Blue blanket




Green blanket




It was really hard not to be pretty and frilly and I had to remember that these were BOYS' blankets. That said, they are super snuggly and my DD says she wants the blue one!! I think I got it right.
Oooh edited to add that I got the pattern for the rectangular granny from here and it is a really great pattern!!! Very easy. I just made a little alteration and made 2 DC in the corners instead of the 1 DC that she suggests!

I have also been busy crocheting these Japanese flowers which Lucy from Attic24 started a trend for. You can find all the info on her blog including the link to the pattern. Lucy has made her flowers slightly different to the original ones. I have seen a great many of these popping up all over the place. So My intention is to make a long scarf rather than a shawl or wrap but you never know how things will end up. This is where I am up to with it at the moment:




Don't you think they are just so pretty??? I love them.

Lastly, a bit of stitching!!! This is my part of Julie's RR. I really enjoyed this as it was so simple to stitch. I even looked forward to doing the backstitch. Good choice Julie.

Julie's RR

Well, with that I will love you and leave you. I have much stitching to do and catch up on so don't be alarmed if I am quiet for the next couple of weeks.



Maaike said...

Hi there Hazel, now you have been very busy! I love all the work, the blankets are amazing, the boys must be thrilled. And congrats on winning that give away, lucky you! Have a great weekend,
love Maaike

Anonymous said...

You *have* been busy! Those blankets are wonderful and the flowers are so pretty! I've been admiring them on Lucy's blog, such a lovely pattern.

Gayle said...

Hazel, You do such nice work. I love your color choices. The green blanket is my favorite. It is always nice to see you you are working on.

Margaret said...

Very nice! I bet your friend and her boys will love their blankets! Love that flower scarf! I saw that on Attic 24 and wanted to make one too! Nice stitching as well!

Gillie said...

Goodness me, no wonder you've been quiet! Lovely blankets, the boys will love them. Like the crochet flowers too!

Catherine said...

What lovely things!! Those blankets look so very comfy!!

And those little flowers are beautiful!

anneke said...

enjoy your finishes. the blankets have taking a lot or time, I guess. but they turned out great. I'm crocheting again too, but mostly granny squares.

Bernardeena said...

I love the blankets.

I saw this and thought of your flowers, I bet you could do something gorgeous like that.

Sheilasembroidery said...

I;m off to download the pattern - if possible - for those flowers they are really good.

Kate said...

Well done to you and your sister on the charity squares.
The two blankets are great and I love the flowers - I agree they are popping up all over!
Great stitching on the RR too.

Aisyah Helga said...

Everything looks lovely! I esp love the scarf. So colorful! Ok, go on amd get those hands busy. I'll wait patiently for your next post!

Brigitte said...

Hazel, I've been following your crocheting adventures for quite a while and I'm completely fascinated by what you create with your crochet needle and the colourful threads that you use. Very impressive.
And I love the two stitching finishes, the first part of A Noble Pursuit and this little RR contribution. Both finishes are so beautiful.

Mylene said...

You sure been busy, those blankets looks lovely and comfy!! Great job!

Michele said...

I love the green one !

Rachael @ CleverCheshireCats said...

Wow how did you get so many things done and the blankets are really big too! I love the Japanese flowers. I finally had a go today and have managed 3 so far, they are quite big so I'm really pleased.

Lesleyanne said...

You really have been busy. Your blankets and flowers are gorgeous. Love your stitching too.

Christine said...

You've been busy! The blankets are perfect and the little Japanese flowers are so pretty

Tracy said...

You have been busy! I love the boys' blankets and your flowers are very pretty. Can't wait to see what you do with your daughter's blanket.

Kathy said...

OMG WOW thank you thank you thank you hunni, they are gorgeous, can't wait to give them to the boys now hehe.

Looking forward to seeing you next week

Hugs xxxxxx

Kathy A. said...

Wow, that crochel hook has been clicking away like mad.
Nice work. Look forward to your next project.

Carol said...

You sure have been busy, Hazel--wonderful creations! I love your blankets--perfect for boys, I'd say.

And that little stitching for Julie's RR is precious--I can't wait to see her whole project when it's completed.

Bernardeena said...

Whoops i sent you conpletely the wrong link, the problems of trying to multitask! Someone looking for breastpads will now be scratching their head as to why I sent them a link to a crochet scarf. You should have the right link in your email now x

Blu said...

Love the blankets! They're so cool!
The flowers are very pretty and the finished product is going to be so awesome.

Cheryl said...

Your blankets look great Hazel and i LOVE those flowers, they are so pretty!

Barb said...

Oh Hazel WOW!!!!!!!i LOVE those flowers and all the crochety things you do.
Julies RR is going to be lovely I like those little people patterns.

Cole said...

You've been so productive!! Those blankets look great, I'm sure two little boys will be very happy ~ and warm!

Lindsay-ann said...

The blankets are beautiful, you are so talented. The Japanese flowers are really pretty too.
Happy Stitching

Mrs Twins said...

Hazel Hi!
First of all these two crocheted blankets are beautiful! you have been working hard! I'm sure they will be treasured.
Now.....who's been a 'silly billy!'. You have sent me squares so you are eligible to enter. Now pop over to Ravelry SIBOL Group and say
Hi Sue, 'please enter me in your giveaway!'

Hugs Suex

Maggie O said...

Loved your flowers. Can't wait to see how they develop.

Julie said...

Thanks Hazel for the square on my RR, it looks stunning.

The crochet flowers are lovely,going to be really pretty scarf and the blankets will be loved so much, they looks really snuggly - well done on completing them so fast

Hillery said...

So much stitching you've been getting done. Love the idea of using 2 threads at once. Those blankets do look so snuggly, and probably pretty quick to stitch. Love your flowers too. Fantastic job.

Sally said...

Wow you have been busy and it's all gorgeous :)

Helen Philipps said...

You HAVE been busy!! The blankets look so lovely, warm and soft. And the crochet flowers are wonderful - I love your colour choices for them, sooo pretty! Have a great week. Helen x

Karin said...

Wow - that is a whole lot of crocheting! Congrats. The flowers are gorgeous.

Heidi said...

*sigh* I just love looking at your crocheting. You are so fast. I am enjoying mine but am not very fast at it. I suppose the enjoying it is most important. It is fun that you can share your crochet craft with your sister.

I have to find the exact link to that edging as I hope to do something like this on my granny square afghan after I finish making the next 100 I have been looking in my books for an edge like this.

The RR is adorable.

Hugs from Holland ~

Jacquie said...

Love the colours you have used for your flowers Hazel pretty :0)
Jacquie x

Siobhan said...

Wow!! I love those blankets! The flowers are so adorable!! I need to check out Lucy's blog more often but I'm always afraid I'll short out the computer with drooling. ;)

Lisa said...

Well done on the blankets, they look great, and those japanese flowers are gorgeous!
Julie's RR is very nice, I bet she will love what you've stitched for it.