Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lovely Things

This week I got a few lovely things through the post. So I thought I'd share!

The first thing was this gorgeous pair of Gingher scissors which I won from Deb from Cranberry Samplings. I love Gingher scissors and this is my second pair of them. They are quite difficult to get hold of over here in the UK so I was really really happy when I won. Thank you so much Deb, I adore them. Deb is also doing another giveaway so get over there and have a look.


The second thing I got this week was this wonderful piece of art from the fabulous, Julia Crossland. Julia's prints are fantastic - such cheerful colours and she packaged it really well. Thanks Julia!


I have hung it in my bathroom where it looks fab blending in with my driftwood boat.

The third item I purchased this week was this:


A Moleskine recipe Journal! I saw this first on Sue's blog and fell in love with it. Please pop by this link to see some of the lovely recipes Sue holds in her journal.

Well, I did actually do a bit of stitching this week. Not much but a bit. I worked on CdC and here's my progress this month:

Sept update

I have touched the bottom edge of this design so I can see the finish line now thankfully!

And..... I did start another crochet blanket - doh! I know I know but I just had to you see. It was calling to me. Really loudly in fact. And it hasn't stopped calling me. Every evening when the children are sweetly sound in their beds and I settle down to do some stitching, this blanket really calls to me and, well, I just can't help doing another row or two, or three. Here is The Ripple, complete with furry cat tail:


This week I will be heading over to Holmfirth to the Rowan shop to drool some more over the lovely pure wool DK they have and hopefully buy some! I am meeting up with the lovely Lisa all being well so hopefully we will have a fab old time.

On the house decorating front, we have begun and have three red walls now although two of them need a second coat. We have the curtains too and the cushions but no curtain pole up yet. Oooh can't wait to have a little show and tell on that one. So you see I really do need to buy that wool to make a throw to go with it! The only problem I am having is in deciding which pattern to use. Do I go for a traditional granny square throw or do I do circles in squares? Not sure. There are so many options and so much inspires me. It really is hard to decide.

One day last week we had a massive storm - I think it was Thursday. I saw the clouds move in and took a pic as they gathered momentum. It was a real downpour. I had to pick up daughter from school with little boy in tow so we opted for wellies and just had a good old splash in the puddles.



I actually really love storms and the sensation you get when everything suddenly goes dark just before the rain comes. I don't know why I like them, I just do. I get all tingly and excited. I could sit by the window all night and watch a storm.

Thanks for the amazing response I got in my cushion post. Wow! I don't htink I have ever had that many comments before so thank you thank you. It means the world. And it is so nice to get to meet new bloggers.

Have a good week. xx

Oooh yeah eta don't forget the giveaway I'm doing at the end of the week. Not long now. Just click on link to the right ;O)


Margaret said...

Oh I love all your goodies! Your CdC is gorgeous -- as is your new blanket WIP! Wow! Just lovely! Nice pics of the storm too. I need some wellies too. :D

Anonymous said...

You got some lovely post! Love the colours you're using for CdC, the overdyed thread is really pretty.

sylviesgarden said...

I love getting goodies through the post.
Your ripple is fabulous, great colours.

Lisa said...

OMG, I love your Ripple!!! I so wish I could learn how to crochet, that would be a have to do for me, but I've tried a few times since we emailed and it's just not happening.
Looking forward to meeting up on Tuesday.

Shari said...

wow Hazel, you hit the jackpot this week! Everything looks wonderful!!! I love the piece you are stitching & oh my! The blanket is looking gorgeous as well! I love the storm pictures!!!
Have a great week!

anneke said...

Love the new ripple blanket; combining stitching and crocheting is a great idea: both get done in the end.

Myra said...

Lots of nice things you have there. I will have to go look at that recipe journal. CDC is lovely.

My mother was a crocheter and made those ripple afghans constantly. The colors in yours are gorgeous!

D@isy said...

Congratulations gifts.
Your work is always beautiful.

Catherine said...

Congrats on your win - those scissors are fantastic!

All of your goodies are lovely.

Everyone needs a good splash in the puddles every now and again.

Lynn B said...

Hi Hazel,

I love the ripple blanket and the scissors look lovely, Lucky you, I never win anything - lol !
Your work in progress looks lovely.


Christine said...

How funky are those scissors?!
Love the print, its really summery, and as for the rippled blanket, all I can say is "wow"

Siobhan said...

Hazel, your new blanket is lovely! It's the perfect time of year to hunker down on the sofa and just throw in a few more rows, isn't it? :) Love your CdC, too! Congrats on the win!

Danielle said...

Oh, Hazel, everything looks so fab! Especially your CdC.

Dianne said...

I think that I may be getting one of those moleskin recipe books too! Love it!

Dani - tkdchick said...

What awasome giveaways you won! The scissors rock!

Lovely progress on CDC!

Julie said...

CdeC is looking lovely.

Great gifts in the post this week too.

LOVEEEEEEEEE the ripple blankie, such pretty colours in this one, i fully understand the pull of the hook stuff, it grows to fast and even when you are tired it gives you that relaxation factor.

Enjoy your visit to the wool shop

mainely stitching said...

Oh your newest blanket is off to a gorgeous start! And CdC looks pretty fabulous, too!

valerie said...

Wow, fun post! Your CdC is looking amazing so far. I really like your color combination. And that ripple!

Rachael said...

Oh that blanket is lovely, the love the wavy design. Wow lovely scissors Jealous!!LOL
Well done on getting some progress on your Ink circles.

rockinloubylou said...

isn't it lovely to get things through the post. Love your storm photos. We had a storm that night too. Lots of thunder. Made us feel very cosy!

Fondant Kiss said...

Hi Hazel, Wow that storm was a suprise! Love the ripple blanket colours. Please pop over to my blog where there is a well deserved award waiting for you to collect.
Deb x

Julia said...

Hello Hazel!

I love those scissors!! How very pretty they are, and love the moleskine recipe book, didn't know they made those! Im also over the moon you got your little print safe, and Im very happy you like it! :D (thank you for writing about it).
Im also thinking perhaps you're maybe not so far from me, as we also had the storm on Thursday, and lovely Holmfirth is a close hop (and that gorgeous wool shop one of my favourite haunts for my wool supplies!) Your blanket is smashing by the way, your colours are really pretty together!

Much love
Julia x x x

Vicky L said...

I love those scissors. A very lovely gift. Your stitching is looking great. The fabric is beautiful! Your blanket is looking good too! I like watching storms building up too. It is one of the many wonders of nature.

Mylene said...

What lovely goodies, Hazel! Both your stitching and crocheting are looking gorgeous!!

Sally said...

Oh wow what lovely goodies Hazel and well deserved too :)

CdC is beautiful and I love your new blanket.

Hope you have a great time with Lisa today :)

Marita said...

The blanket is going to be so beautiful! Lovely colours.

Carol said...

Your newest start is just lovely, Hazel--I well remember those peaceful hours of stitching after I had tucked the boys in for the night.

Congratulations on those lovely scissors, too :)

Berit said...

So many lovelies, but my favorite are the storm pics (I feel the same way, thought the rain itself is pretty nasty and unpleasant in NJ) and The Ripple! I love those soothing undulations--I could look at it all day! Do I actually hear a crochet blanket calling my name?? It's very faint.... lol! But, it really might be.

Blu said...

What fun stuff to get in the mail!
CdC is looking great! And your blanket is stunning! Just stunning!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Your CdC is looking great Hazel, and I love your new blanket, and the fluffy tail.

Janaina said...

I don't know how to crochet, but lately I've been seeing soooo many lovely blankies I'getting tempted to try and learn it for the 65th time in my life time so far. I just never got to know how to make uniform stitches, got frustated and ended up throwing everything on the garbage tin after a while.
Would it be just too presumptuous for a begginer to try a blankie (weeeeee tiny one, for an almost 2 years old young lady) like this?I just ♥ ♥ ♥ the wavy look... Plus the colors you picked. Adorable!

ps: what should be the size for an almost 2 years old young lady?