Tuesday, September 01, 2009

BP and a lovely surprise!

First up here's my Beatrix Potter progress for August:

August update

August update

I am pleased as I am still ahead to finish this by the end of the year! I keep counting those motifs down. I am starting to run a littlw low on the darkest shade so I am going to be using that shade sparingly. I am feeling quite bad that I haven't put much into my Mary Wigham so I have decided that Mary will be my main focus next year! I need to get counting those motifs now.

I got a lovely parcel through the post today. Some time back, Paula Sibbald from Kelmscott Designs said she liked the Beatrix Potter SAL I set up and she'd like to contribute to the end of year giveaway drawing that I am going to do. She also said she'd liek to send me a littel something as well for setting it all up and running it etc although I said it was no hardship on my part lol. Today she sent through the package which contained two packets - one for the giveaway (I have posted on the blog) and one for me!!


I was amazed! She has practically sent me the same thing as the giveaway prize! This was a wonderful surprise and it really REALLY made my day. I have been ill now for 17 days now and although I am a lot better, I am still not 100%. So this really cheered me up. If you're interested in any of these wonderful stitcher's accessories, please take a look at Paula's site:

Kelmscott Designs

Life is taking its toll on me at the moment and time is of the essence. This is why I haven't been blogging a lot and I have been struggling to leave comments for all the blogs I read. Please know that I am reading and getting lots of inspiration from everyone. A big Thank You to everyone who takes time to read me and comment. You will never know how much those comments mean to me.

Here comes another month.



Julie said...

Your BP looks wonderful Hazel, a lovely and well deserved parcel for you form Paula, its a lot of hard work keeping us all on track.

I hope you are soon feeling much better, its so frustrating being unwell. Much love and {{get well hugs}} coming your way.

Daffycat said...

BP looks fabulous!

I hope you are better soon. Being ill for so long is such a pain. ***hugs***

doris said...

Miss Bea looks beautiful.

Hope you're feeling much better soon.

Catherine said...

The BP looks fabulous! I'm just about to start a BP sampler as I'm almost finished another sampler. Love how yours looks! And hope you feel better soon.

Sharon said...

Your BP is looking stunning! Sorry to hear you don't feel 100%. I hope you will feel better soon.

jane said...

Your BP looks beautiful and what a fantastic gift from Paula. hope you are feeling better soon

Cathy B said...

Hazel, I have missed your posts but certainly understand - hope you start feeling better soon.

Your BP is lovely -- lucky you to win so many gifties from Kelmscott!

Olenka's Stitches said...

Hope you feel well soon.
Your BP looks fabulous, you've made a great progress on it.
A`wonderful present from Paula.

Cindy said...

Your BP is beautiful, and what a wonderful surprise package!

Hope you are feeling much better soon :)

Siobhan said...

Hazel, wonderful progress on your BPQ! It is beautiful.

Love the package from Paula. She is great, isn't she? I love her products.

Get well soon!

Jeanne - WillowTreeStitcher said...

I love your Miss Bea Hazel and you are on track to finish this year. I know what you mean about challenges this year...I'm struggling as well and don't feel like blogging although I do read and comment on others. Sending you warm wishes for better health and hope things start looking up soon.

Mylene said...

Your BP is looking beautiful!

Kathy A. said...

Oh Hazel - I do hope you are feeling better soon. Sending warm hugs and get well wishes.
What a lovely win from Kelmscott. Those scissors are gorgeous.

Deb said...

Hope that feeling 100% soon Hazel. Your BP looks absolutely breathtaking. I really love your color choices!

mcreaney said...


You rock. Liking your blog. Mark has mithered me yet again to look at it together.

Lots of love from your bessie. Michelle (and Mark says... "and Mark") xxx

P.S. You need a guest book thingie.

Karan said...

It sounds like the stressful times you've been through have taken their toll. Lots of (((((((((hugs))))))))) Hazel - hope you start to feel much better soon.
BP looks gorgeous & what a fabulous gift! Enjoy - you deserve it. :0)

Doris said...

the BP is beautiful, look really great.

i hope you do feel better and better.