Monday, February 02, 2009

Oh, snow! and an award!

Jeanne and Sally gave me this lovely award:

Thank you both so much. I am supposed to tell you my 5 addictions now. Hmmmm...

1. Stitching - obvious
2. Blogging
3. Chart collecting - esp freebies
4. Food - esp chocolate, and crisps (chips in the USA)
5. My kids and husband - my wonderful family.

Now I cannot possibly nominate 5 blogs as I go through so many of them and they are all wonderful but recently I have been browsing a lot of french blogs and some are listed in my sidebar at the top so check them out! I am going to add to these as time goes on. And, no, I don't understand a word of french, I wish I did, but I just get so inspired by looking at all the pictures.

Now it has done nothing but snow here all day and now night and I am a bit peeved as my DH and I were going to go out on a date tonight. I haven't seen him in 3 weeks so his parents offered to sit for us so we could go out. Well, due to the bad weather we have had to cancel. I am due to go out tomorrow night too and also Wednesday and I hope they won't get cancelled. No, I am not a socialite really, it is just that a few things have come along at once!

So here is some footage of my dd playing in the snow with our neighbours. My dd is in the red coat:




Just for some stitchery, here is my biscornu for the January basket!


As you can see, it is yet to have a button attached. I am yet to find a suitable one. The design is from the book Repertoire des Frises and it uses Carries Epiphany thread and DMC jewel effects. I am intending to do all my basket in Carries and use designs from Repertoire des Frises. I love that book and you can get it from Amazon France and is so worth the purchase.

That's me for a bit. I have been trying to get through as many blogs as I can but there are just so many wonderful blogs. I just can't comment as much as I'd like! Do know that I am reading though. xxx


Mylene said...

Looks like the children are enjoying their time outside.
Congrats on the award and lovely biscornu finished!!

Julie said...

Super pics of the kids in the snow.

A lovely first biscornu for your basket, congrats on the award.

nutmegg said...

Congrats on the's the middle of Summer here (Australia)you children look like are having a great time...xo

Doris said...

oh,my child enjoy the snow so much!!. The biscornu is beauutiful.

Angela said...

Knowing where you live I'm sure your daughter must be well on the way to being a sledging expert.

Bad luck on missing out on your date I hope it can be rescheduled.

The biscornu is lovely.

Chrissie said...

Hi Hazel, thank you for visiting my blog amd your kind comments. Children love snow don't they. We don't get it here where we live in Australia but we used to live in NZ and our children and our dog loved it. It looks so pretty.


Christine said...

Sorry to hear that your date got cancelled...maybe you could go make some snow angels together? I love your biscornu, it's gorgeous!

Jacky said...

Congratulations on the award! Great pictures, and the biscornu is lovely - beautiful colours; makes me remember I haven't done January yet!!

Margaret said...

I'm so sorry the weather is bad just when you have a lovely date with DH.

The kids look so happy in the snow. They don't care about dates do they?(LOL)

You've been doing such gorgeous stitching Hazel and your cake just looks tooooo yummy.

I can't imagine there being a copyright on the birds pattern since in the 1983 magazine it shows neither a name nor a designer. If you would like it please email me at stitchornostitchatyahoodotcom.

Brigitte said...

A very nice biscornu for the basket.
Your DD seems to have a lot of fun in the snow. More than the car drivers I bet, lol.

Siobhan said...

Your biscornu is beautiful! Congrats on the finish. Enjoy the snow, even if it does stink that you had to miss a date night with your DH.

mainely stitching said...

Gorgeous snow play pictures! :D And your biscornu is great! :D

Ranae said...

awesome snow photo's.
looks like fun.
Love the color of your biscornu
Congrats! on the first one for the basket

Nicole said...

Has anyone ever told you that you are amazing? 2 beautiful children and so many projects finished. You are my new inspiration!
Love your blog,
~Nicole, thyme2sow

Karan said...

Great pics. :0)
Congrats on the award. Lovely biscornu (btw, Thread Bear have some fab new fancy buttons in - may be worth a look). :0)

valerie said...

Lovely biscornu! So funny that you mention the Repertoire de Frises...I've been eyeing that book along with the rest of Valerie LeJeune's books. Pricey...haven't been able to talk myself into that jump. Lovely colors!

Fiona said...

Love the Biscornu Hazel - beautiful! And the snow is amazing! We are just heading off to the beach here for a swim!!
Fiona x

Raggedystitcher said...

Beautiful Biscornu!

Love seeing the children in the snow Hazel! We didn't get much snow here where I never snows here that much in my part of town..wish we would get more..I want to build a snowman! I often wonder how you keep up with so much stitching..your works are beautiful!
Lovely family too :)