Monday, November 24, 2008

Lots of pics!

I have a fair bit of stitchery to share today. First up is this gorgeous ornie I recieved from Carol B from HOE2! It is the Sweetheart Tree ornie from this years Just Cross Stitch magazine. It is so pretty and on sparkly fabric too. I just love it. It is so me! Carol kindly sent me these two wonderful charts off my wishlist too and I am so happy to have Quaker Christmas finally!! Also she sent some pins in pretty colours. This was a wonderful surprise today. Thanks Carol.


Margie K got my ornie in the post last week too:

Here she is and I did include some extras too but I did not photograph them.

Peace ornie for HOE for Margie K

It is also from the Just Cross Stitch ornie edition magazine this year. I did rouched ribbon agding and backed it with some pretty white fabric.

I have been working hard on the Mirabilia Angel last week for the Let's Stitch weekly challenge and the Friday Night SAT. She is so lovely to work on with sparkly threads and pretty beads. I have to put on some white beads too as soon as I have finished the rest of her dress.

nov update after lets stitch

Also, last week, I got the fabric from Lauren at Sassy's fabric. This is what I will be doing the Needleprint Beatrix Potter SAL in. If you remember, she wasn't so sure my colour choice would work with the threads I had chosen so I went with her better judgement and here's the result and what a result!!!

floss toss

This is Tan Marble 32 count jobelan with Victorian Motto threads in the Antique Wine set. Lauren also sent me quite a generous cut of the Creamy Cocoa (my original choice) to compare and I think she was right. The Creamy Cocoa is more orangey but I still love it!! I chose jobelan over linen this time as I wanted a smoother, more even, coloured fabric which Lauren said tended to happen with the jobelan. I can't wait to start this now. We are at about 60 members now and I will close it for membership once January 1st starts so if you want to join in the fun then now's the time to join.
Someone tagged me to tell you six random things about myself. I'm not tagging anyone back but feel free to do the same. It is interesting to find out a little bit about people I suppose. I'm a bit boring really. So here goes:
1. I can drive and passed my test first time which was a miracle as I had been in a bad BAD car accident two weeks beore my test where two people were killed instantly!!
2. I love chocolate sooo much and go through terrible withdrawal times when I don't have it.
3. I drink lots of de-caffeinated coffee.
4. I can sometimes be quite paraniod about people not liking me.
5. My perfect evening would be spent at home, stitching, with my DH and a DVD, some chocolate and perhaps a small glass of red wine.
6. I have recently had my hair dyed red but I wanted it redder than the hairdresser did it!
Thats it! Very boring me.
Thanks for reading. I appreciate every single comment!


Angela said...

Stuitching is great. I think the fabric and threads look great together for your SAL.

Know what you mnean about the hair colour I have the same problem, why is it they never do it as red as you want it!!!

Juls said...

Lovely gifts!!!!
I have been eyeing Quaker Christmas but I already have too too many big projects going on....thanks for reminding me that I have the rejoice chart!!!!
I just had my red retouched last week....

Laura said...

Great exchanges, both received and sent. Those color choices for the Beatrix Potter SAL look so rich and....well, perfect :).

Shari said...

everything looks wonderful Hazel.
Love both the ornaments & can't wait to see the BP piece!!!!! So pretty!!

Daffycat said...

Beautiful ornament and stash off Carol!

You made such a lovely ornament for Margie too...I love that ribbon edging!

Joei said...

Your color choices for Beatrix P SAL are rich and lovely. I'm sure it's going to be perfect.

Lovely stitching and gift as well.

Yuko said...

Both exchanges are great!!

Nancy said...

Saying hello to you, and saying thank you for visiting my blog!

Your stitching is lovely. These ornaments are gorgeous!

staci said...

Beautiful stitching! I love the Peace ornament and the ruched ribbon trim~~perfect!

mainely stitching said...

What lovely stitching projects, and what a glorious array of colors for your BP project!!

Next time I get my hair colored, I'm going for my "usual" auburn instead of the plum that the hairdresser assured me would look better with my skintones. I'm pretty tired of my better half saying I look like a witch!

Carla said...

beautiful Christmas ornies, both sent and received!

Tracy said...

Your fabric is perfect sweetie what a good choice, lovely gifties

Cindy F. said...

Everything is sooo beautiful!

Judith said...

Everything looks beautifull.

Wendy said...

Great exchange from Carol! Your Mira angel is so pretty - it reminds me that I started a bellpull with these many years ago...wonder where that got up to?

I can't wait to see your BP start!

Julie said...

Wonderful exch received and i love the pink edging on your dove one, it sets it off perfectly.
Angel is growing nicely too.
Great choice of fabby/threads for the BP SAL, i must take a pic of my choices LOL

Anonymous said...

Beautiful stitching Hazel, I love the ribbon trim, must look for a tutorial on that!
I love your colour choice for the BP sal.
You must show us a piccie of your new hairdo! I'm a natural red head, who has never dyed her hair, but need to think about it soon, too many white hairs making an appearance LOL!

Andrea said...

Wonderful exchanges.Great colour choice for the BP SAL.

Always smiling said...

I love the colours you have chosen for the BP Sal, and I am sure you look lovely with your red hair!
I colour mine as it is grey at my temples, why is it that men who go grey look distinguished and women look old??? LOL

I couldn't see my name on thn list of the BP ?
How do I get it there?
Chris x

Cheryl said...

You'll have to show us a picture of your new red hair :)

Sally said...

Wow lots of pretties Hazel! Hope you have as much fun stitching Quaker Christmas as I did.

Sachiko said...

Gorgeous exchanges!

Lennu said...

Beautiful exchanges, Hazel! I really like the rouched ribbon edge :)