Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Design from Repertoire des Frises
Stitched on 32 count willow green belfast linen
Stitched with Needle Necesseties 135

Thanks for all the lovely comments saying you couldn't see the stitch! Unfortunately it was one of those stitches that makes the rest of the design not meet up at the end. And, as it was a biscornu and had to be perfectly square, I had no choice but to unpick the left hand row. It didn't take too long and had it finished last night. So this is for the monthly challenge blog. So far these challenges have been not too difficult. I am dreading it if the challenge is something really difficult that you might need a machine for or if you have to do loads of sewing in neat straight lines. I think my worst challenge "fear" would be a basket lid!!!

I have finished my abc exchange piece now but awaiting something to send with it. Sally mentioned in her blog that Jacqueline Holdsworth from Needleprint is re-releasing authorised copies of the Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler on ebay. I spent my whole bank holiday waiting for her to put more charts up as they were and are selling like hotcakes!! So, finally, I got my copy. Yay!! Sally, Tracy and I are thinking of doing an SAL on it next year so if you fancy joining us, jump on in!!

I may be changing my blog background soon but the only way I can figure out how to do it is by losing all my added pages and elements which will mean slowly putting them all back in again. I will probably work on doing this this week. I think it's nice to have a background that suits your own individuality. I can only try and see I suppose.

Well it's my birthday next week so hoping to get some stitching stuff this time. No-one tends to buy me that which would be the best thing they could buy me really. Well both my friend and my sister have asked me so I have given them some ideas so hopefully I'll get something stitchy. My birthdays are usually very disappointing days so I am not getting my hopes up too much. I have decided I am going to take myself off on my own and spoil myself and do what I want to do even if only for the evening. It may involve just sitting in the car on my own with a book and some cake but hey that's fine!!

Yesterday I broke the washing machine by putting something in it that disintegrated into the machine so now I'll have to wait on somebody coming round today to fix it I think. :(

Happy stitching day everyone. Take care. xx


Mylene said...

Your biscornu turned out great.

I agree with the previous monthly challenge and i too dread when it needs sewing as i cannot sew at all!

Have a nice week.

Carol R said...

That's a really pretty biscornu - well done.

There are some lovely blogger templates on but I don't know if you will lose your added elements or not. You could set up a test blog and then see what happens. The basic blogger ones are changed quite easily without affecting sidebars etc. Good luck.

Oh yes - a Happy Birthday for next week!

Sally said...

Beautiful finish Hazel:)

Good to hear that Tracy is thinking about the SAL too! It'll be brilliant!

Hope you have a fantastic birthday:)

Kathy A. said...

What a lovely job on your biscornu - all that worry and it turned out just beautiful. These finishing challenges have been very interesting to see.
My family can't seem to get the hint that gift certificates to my LNS would be much appreciated. You would think they would notice that we stitchers always need more stash LOL. Good luck with your birthday wishes and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU

Barbara said...

You don't need to lose your back pages in order to change your blog layout/look. Hopefully you can find someone nearby who'll walk you through it, otherwise, just ask! (I'm not an HTML expert, btw!)

Your biscornu turned out great -congratulations! And I hope your birthday will turn out to be everything you hope for!

Carol said...

Beautiful job Hazel!

Redwitch said...

Your biscornu is lovely Hazel, beautiful colour.

My birthday is next week too :) I've been so busy I haven't really given it a thought! Hope yours is a good one and that you have a nice treat :)

I bought the BP sampler recently, not sure I can commit to a SAL but I'll look forward to see stitch it!

Anonymous said...

Your biscornu turned out lovely didn't it. I'm glad you didn't have too much unpicking to do.

I'm looking forward to seeing your new template. It is nice being able to add your own personality to your blog :o)

Sonda in OR said...

I think your biscornu is lovely, too!! Hope your birthday is full of pleasant surprises!

It kinda sucks to become an adult and find out that your birthday is no longer quite the big deal to everyone else as it was when you were a kid. (At least, I found that to be true.) :)

cathymk said...

Very pretty! Lovely work Hazel!

Rowyn said...

Great biscornu. Love your new look blog too.

I never get stash for my birthday either. I would be over the moon if someone surprised me with something stitchy.

I came close last year. OH and I were even headed into town to pick it out - but we ended up stopping elsewhere, and I came home with a camera. LOL. Maybe this birthday?

I hope someone surprises you with something nice, and you're birthday doesn't turn out to be disappointing. :-)

Kathy said...

Nice biscornu. Very pretty.

Happy Birthday, next week.

Sharon said...

Very pretty biscornu!