Friday, January 25, 2008

Lots more goodies..

My goodness! I have been inundated with gifts galore! It feels like my birthday every day. Several more lottery pieces have arrived for me.

First up is Dianne's gift which is this cute drawstring bag and inside she has put a bag of Hershey's chocolates. It's so lovely. Thank you Dianne.
Dianne's lottery piece

Next up is the beautiful biscornu from Mindy who also sent this lovely wooden thread keeper made by her father and also some thread she used for the biscornu. Not only all this but a gorgeous beaded scissor fob too. All lovely Mindy. Thank you so much!!
Mindy's lottery piece

Outi's gift also arrived and with it she included a Periphaeria design and some lovely floss. Thank you Outi. I love it all.
Outi's lottery piece

Leena's piece also arrived and Leena made this cute pair of booties for Elijah too! This is the first flatfold I have ever had and I love it. Thanks Leena!!
Leena's lottery piece

Next up is my Frosty Friends exchange that Amysc sent to me. It's so lovely. A beautiful snowman cushion backed with snowman fabric and lots of other goodies too. She sent me 3 charts and a charm for one of them, 2 pieces of fabric and 2 threads. Thank you so much Amy. What a perfect gift.
Amy sc's frosty friends exchange to me Jan08

Now, some time ago I entered a competition on Sara's blog and lo and behold I won!! I guess I was really blessed last year to win so many things. Sara was very secretive about what the prize would be so I was totally blown away to receive this gift today!!
Sara's prize
The ornie she stitched is by Teresa Wentzler and she also sent me some sachets of cocoa, hand made chocolates, body lotion, threads and a great Lizzie kate kit in a box which I have never seen before. Really cool stash Sara. Thank you so much.

And just to treat myself, like I really need more treats hey, I bought the Mary Peacock Sampler chart ond these great miniature putford scissors from the Sampler Guild and they arrived the very next day. Wonderful service. I don't know when I'll actually get around to stitching it but it's nice to have in my stash. And I just adore the scissors.
Mary peacock sampler and putford scissors

So that's me for a bit. Sorry if I have made anyone green eyed! I have been slowly working my way through blogs and responding to my comments. I was so blessed to receieve so many lovely comments concerning my new baby. Elijah is doing well but unfortunately I have ended up with an infection in my wound which has made it very uncomfortable for me. It was just about healed too when the infection set in. So I am now on antibiotics and cream to sort it out. Hopefully I'll be a lot better next time I write. I have been working on a biscornu and not sure whether to give it to my sister for her birthday or to keep it or give it to someone else. I will post a pic of it next time I write when I hopefully will have finished it. Small, easy projects this year I think.

Till next time, happy stitching.


Barbara said...

Wow, Hazel, this is wonderful! How exciting for you!!

cathymk said...

More lovely pieces! Enjoy!

Megumi said...

Congratulations on all your lovely gifts! They look wonderful. :)

Rowyn said...

Ooh.. what beautiful gifts, including the ones you bought for yourself :-)

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Itching To Stitch said...

Wow, what gorgeous goodies. Sorry to hear you have an infection, I hope it clears up easily ;) said...

Spoilt indeed...LOL What wonderful gifts!! Enjoy!!
Feel better soon!!!

Cindy said...

Wow! You have received many beautiful pieces :)

Hope that you are feeling better soon.

Cheryl said...

Oh wow, so many lovely gifts! Your house must be filling up with beautiful stitchy stuff!
Hope you feel better soon. Cant wait to see more pics of Elijah!

Sally said...

Hazel you have received some beautiful gifts! i bet you are so excited.

Sorry to hear you've got an infection. I hope it heals up well and you're feeling better soon.

Kathy A. said...

Wow, your gifts are just stunning. The generosity of our fellow stitchers continue to amaze me. This certainly has been a wonderful year for you topped with that beautiful little boy. Take care of yourself and hope you are better soon.

Wanda said...

How exciting so many great things! Get better soon.

stitcherw said...

Wow, you certainly have received wonderful stuff. What great surprises to get when the mailman comes to call. :)
Sorry to hear that you got an infection. Hopefully the antibiotics and cream get it all taken care of soon and you're feeling better.

Sam said...

So many beautiful goodies! Enjoy them all Hazel :o)

Dawn B. said...

Congrats on the gifts all very nice.

Laura said...

Lots of wonderful gifts you have received. I love the little bunny bag, and the French flatfold is gorgeous. Hope your infection clears up quickly and Elijah keeps on being the happy baby.

Aniza said...

The mailman must be very curious LOL but Elijah was the real charm that brought all the luck to you! I hope the infection is gone by now.

tintocktap said...

Lovely gifts - what a beautiful selection! You were having a lucky year!

Belated congrats on Elijah's arrival too!

Carla said...

WOW!!! all the stitchy gifts all wonderful!!!

Hope you recover soon from the infection..take care

Beatrice said...

All your gifts are wonderful and no doubt well deserved.
Get well soon and happy stitching or looking at your new piece the Mary Peacock Sampler..It is sooo pretty!
Stash is fun!!

Deanne J said...

Wow what a great haul of stuff.

Sorry to hear about your infection, hope you feel better soon.

Chelle said...

So many beautiful things to look at! Enjoy them all! They are incredible.

Nicole and Phil said...

Congratulations on the safe arrival of this gorgeous baby boy!
Hope you are feeling better soon!
You have some lovely gifts for yourself to play with. I hope yu get time to stitch soon!

Sara said...

You have been a lucky girl! Glad to hear my package arrived safely and you liked it:)

Dianne said...

You are so sweet to show everything you won. I'm glad you liked what I sent. I was wondering if you ever had Hershey chocolates, but I bet they are all over the world.
Hope all is healed now. My wound is getting there (from biopsy in Nov), but is still so red.
Hope the children are well as are mum and daddy!

Dianne said...

You are so sweet to show everything you won. I'm glad you liked what I sent. I was wondering if you ever had Hershey chocolates, but I bet they are all over the world.
Hope all is healed now. My wound is getting there (from biopsy in Nov), but is still so red.
Hope the children are well as are mum and daddy!

Stitcher said...

Wow, what wonderful gifts.

Sharon said...

What fantastic stitching and gifts! Congratulations on winning! Enjoy!

Cathy C said...

YOu certainly are a Quaker gal aren't you (ha!ha!)? I am one too, so I can recognize them when I see 'em. I love that Peacock sampler. I have fallen behind in my collecting, but I have so much already it isn't too noticeable. I do have a few of those lovely Quakers, some older, and others newer, like your Peacock. I think I have 3 of that same design group. Of course, I keep telling myself how many Quaker projects can a person hand in their home without just going overboard (ha!).

You've also hit 'paydirt' as we would say in America with all those wonderful prezzies you have been getting and winning lotteries etc. I thought that was just appropriate being as you were about due to have Elijah and could use a little TLC and extra goodies just to distract you before delivery day.

You know, I am going to have to ask you bout some of the words you use that i don't understand. I'm sure they are familiar to folks on the other side of the ocean, but we Americans are clueless on some of these things. So I will collect the words from your blog and ask you about them sometime (ha!ha!).

I hope your days are turning brighter and brighter....we had rain her today but we're very thankful as we had not had any since January. My yard of course looks wonderful, though my lawn is about 8" tall right now, since I have not been able to mow lawns since surgery. It will wait a day or two more probably while the rain moves through. Then I will see how I can do with the mowing again. It will be a challenge to get cut with that height!

Other than that, all is well, and I am enjoying my stitching, and doing some reading, and just finished the church's newsletter as well. I may even send it to you, if you have Microsoft publisher. Let me know..

Hugs and ttys,
Cathy in New Mexico