Sunday, October 14, 2007


Okay just a quick one. I have decided to try and do a rotation just for this week and see how I get on with it. I'm not really very disciplined whne it comes to my hobby but I have so many projects on the go now and some are getting severely neglected. So if it works and I feel I have accomplished everything then I might try it again for next week. Here goes:

Monday - Twilight Shimmer (as part of the monthly SAL)
Tuesday - Blogging night (a whole night dedicated to commenting and I'll stick up update on Twilight Shimmer)
Wednesday - Harvest exchange (finish sewing and finish if time)
Thursday - Patchwork
Friday - Dreaming Mermaid
Saturday - PIF/gift for someone on the list or for the cross stitcher's lottery
Sunday - Polar Santa - not seen the light of day for a good while.

I am getting quite heavy and tired now with only 3 months till the big day and most of my internet time is being taken up with researching prams/pushchairs, hospital lists etc so you'll all have to excuse me if you don't see me around so much. Just know I am still here, probably spending most of my time decorating and sleeping. Bear with me. I just wanted to say that because I hate it when people just disappear from blogs and never say anything and you worry about what might have happened to them.
Love and hugs


Becky K in OK said...

Congratulations on establising a rotation. I'm just not organized to keep myself on track. Let us know how it goes for you.

Ranae said...

Hope all goes well with the rotation.
I have never had one and probably never will,lol.
I just pick up and stitch whatever my mood :)
Get some good rest.

Cheryl said...

Good luck with the rotation and let us know how it goes. Im really not disciplined either!
Glad everything is ok. Look after yourself and take it easy :)

wanda said...

Good idea about the rotation I need one as well. Enjoy these last months do what you want to do! Take care.

Carla said...

Good luck with your rotation.

Barbara said...

Good luck with your rotation!

Personally I am currently in a weekly rotation, that way I can see a lot more progress on the piece, before I put it away again.

Take care of yourself.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Best of luck with your new rotation. The redwork exchange piece is gorgeous and glad to hear that things are going well for you.

Louanne said...

Good luck with the rotation!
3 months to go! You can make it! Best wishes and good health to you during this time, and always!

Sally said...

Good luck with your rotation Hazel:) Finger's crossed it'll work for you.

I can't believe you've only got 3 months to go!

Stitchingnow said...

I wish you the best with your rotation. Look forward to seeing how you do with this & progress photos.

Sharon said...

Good luck with your rotation! I am terrible at it-LOL

Michelle said...

Congrats on trying out a rotation. I have to say, what a great idea to put in time for blogging/reading blogs. We should all do that probably! And I agree, it does make you worry when people disappear with no word.